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Jan 19, 2009
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Been a slacker these last couple of days!:y:..Hey, I am on vacation, I can do that!:cyclops:..Anyways here we go for September! :D

This is the official location of The Rocketry Forum Best Rocket Competition. This is a monthly event to show off your "stuff" and find out who has THE BEST ROCKET OF THE MONTH! When entering, make sure you follow the criteria listed below and you will do fine. From the 21st(or there about) until the end of the month we'll be polling to see who should win the Best Rocket Competition.


Let's see..September is the 7th anniversary of our sponsor Fliskits, so the theme should tie in a little bit loosely to that. The symbol for 7 years is wool or copper. I am trying to be as inclusive as I can so if your rocket:
has copper coloring
is a Fliskits rocket
an upscaled Fliskits rocket
a downscaled Fliskits rocket
a goonyfied Fliskits rocket
is wearing a woolen coozy


is a real work of art ;)

Enter away!

You don't have a Fliskits rocket?!?! Shame on you! Go here and get you 5 or 6 and build one to enter in the contest!

So, show us your awesome builds!

Remember detail, details, details! So don't be shy, include extra photos of the little bits that make YOUR model extra special!
If you entry is a kit, let us know who's kit it is!


Our awesome sponsor this month is Fliskits, Inc! And the prize up for grabs is a $25 free for all at their web store, so get your entries in!

The fine print:
Da Rulez

1. Header of picture must include, name, what kit or was it custom, LPR, MPR or HPR.
2. A BRIEF description of rocket details. Anything that would make it apparent to somebody that yours is THE BEST.
3. Only ONE entry per month.
4. No extended off topic conversations.
5. Rockets made at any period of time may be used.Preferably one that is STILL in your fleet at the time of the competition!
6. Rocket may be entered into the competition only ONE time!
7. If there is a monthly specified type of contest (such as red, white and blue themed), you can only enter rockets that are applicable.
8. Entries will be taken first 3 weeks of month and after the 21st of every month the contest closes.
9. The last week of the month will be polling on who should win in each class.
10. Winners get bragging rights for a month!
Wow, the 11th already and no entries. If I were Jim, I would probably start worrying....

Ok, so I will get it started with my Drake. You know, one of the hardest thing about this contest is trying to pick which Flis Kit to show. I chose my Drake because it has always been one of my favorites. Something about the "bird of prey" look that attracts my attention. Anyway, here are a couple of shots to look at.

I do expect to see many more photos posted.....

drake 2.jpg


drake 3.jpg
I'd like to enter my Semi Scale Caution upscale last flown on d12-5 with great results she flew to at least 1k feet but i am unsure. Made fully of balsa with a paper wrap and hand drawn decals ( i know i know but couldn't find any that worked well.) Here she is next to my estes bsg viper while in dry dock:D She was origenally a 3 stack cluster but i changed that after the mmt for the cluster blew out during a flight.

She messures 20.5" long this includes the nosecone
2 sides are 2 1/8" and one side is 2"
the fines are 3" at the highest and taper to 1 7/8th by 4 3/4" long
the nose 3" lone and same as body.

And I am planning another upscale even bigger for a 3 d/e cluster

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Wow, the 11th already and no entries. If I were Jim, I would probably start worrying....

Ok, so I will get it started with my Drake. You know, one of the hardest thing about this contest is trying to pick which Flis Kit to show. I chose my Drake because it has always been one of my favorites. Something about the "bird of prey" look that attracts my attention. Anyway, here are a couple of shots to look at.

I do expect to see many more photos posted.....

Very nice drake (yeah, I like the bird-of-prey look of that kit too)

Come on folks! Lets see some more entries! :)
I was beginning to wonder and get concerned as well!

anyways, might as well enter! :D Here I present to you the 'Goony Drive'. A 'goonyfied' Fliskits Over Drive..I have since painted it a bright neon color(will have to see about getting a picture posted)..I have flown it a number of times and it flies great on 'C's(had to add a bit of nose weight)..

Here it is next to the original Over Drive - a tad taller, a blunt nose and 'chubby'!:roll:

EDIT: Just added a picture of the paintedGoony Drive

Painted 002.jpg
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Hey, I have a rocket that fits the theme! here is my Deuce XL5, which is a 'goonified' bash of the Deuces Wild!. I'll admit up front that this has been entered in a contest before (EMRR or RMRDescon)...but as far as I know, not in this one!

The shots are from NARAM-50. The boost photo is interesting because you can only see one motor is up to pressure. However, both did ignite. The boost had a bit of wiggle but the inherent stability of the Deuce design kept it generally in the upward direction.

EMRR Review

naram50_day4 012 (Medium).jpg

naram50_day4 014 crop (Medium).jpg
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Here's my FlisKits FarScape [1]

Diggin' thru my pix, I discovered I don't have a full, overall shot with
the decals applied. You'll have to make do with the close ups. ;)

There's a complete build thread in the archive-

[1] NO! It's not a Night Whisperer. This is a FarScape dangit!
(production #15, even).
OK, here is my bid. This is a Deuce's Wild that was originally built and flown in 2006, but later repainted with NARCON 2007 markings. I used some watered-down wood filler to smooth out the fillets during construction, and I made some custom water-slide decals with the NARCON 2007 artwork. Mr. Flis himself even autographed it for me at NARCON 2007. This Deuce still flies every chance I get.

Congratulations, Jim and Kathy, on the FlisKits Seventh Anniversary! You guys make some incredible kits!

Here are some pictures of it. The fourth picture is a flight at NSL2009, and the fifth picture is after Jim autographed it at NARCON 2007 - back when FlisKits was only, what... four years old!

Deuce 1.jpg

Deuce 2.JPG

Deuce 3.JPG
Your wish is my command. I call it a Denebian Star Freighter. I built it last year and flew it several times at our Scout Troops annual rocket camp in January. It is a spectacular flyer.

It is 50 inches tall, uses BT 60 and 70 tubes. It flies on 3 C6-5s in the outer pods and a D11-P in the center. The outer pods are ducted into the center with airfoil shaped aluminum tubes. I was inspired by the SR-71 models for my outboard pods.
In the outer pod the motor tube is centered by 3 longitudinal ribs. One of them is a thru the wall tab of the fin that attaches the pod.




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Nice! :)

Are those outboard parallel to the main body or are they canted inwards? (one of the pix, they look canted, but I can't tell for sure)
They are parallel by design. My fabrication skill may have resulted in a minor cant :(
Whew! Here I go! I have only posted once or twice on Rocketry Forum, and now I am entering a contest!

A QUICK history: as a kid I had seen some model rockets launched, but didn't build and launch my own until I was 29 years old, in 1995. I found an Alpha kit a previous teacher had left in the classroom cabinet. THANK YOU, whoever you were! I was hooked from then on!

I have been a fan of Fliskits from their beginning seven years ago. I love their unique designs (how about that ACME Spitfire?); I have talked with Jim at the NARCONS I have attended and appreciate his sense of humor and his dedication to educating children about our fun hobby.

Years ago I painted a Tse Tse and Gnat (from Rogue Aerospace) identically. I liked this idea and started doing it with the matching Fliskits. First was the Deuce's Wild and Diminutive Deuce. Then the Long Overdue and Just Past Due. My Praetor and Petite Praetor are waiting for their final coats. I hope to eventually build all the matching kits and Micro Maxx kits.

The "big brother and little brother" that I am entering at the two Deuces.

Below, the first picture is of the two Deuces. You can see how opposite fin pairs are different colors, with the other opposites being identical. The second picture shows my Deuce's Wild leaping from the launch pad at one of MASA's drag races. (Other pictures would not download.)

Thanks, Jim and all those at Fliskits, for the great rocket kits and dedication to model rocketry!

Andy Heren
NAR # 71711


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Nice competition going on here!:D Get your entries in! Entry deadline is coming fast! Deadline is Midnight EST Monday September 21st!(or may be a little later depending on what time I get home from work!:rolleyes:)
kewl, 'nother Deuce! :)

The twins look great!

Now let's see some more entries before the deadline (only 3 days away!)

In keeping with the FlisKits theme, I hereby submit my "Big Muddy", a 3.5x upscale of the Mudwasp "Micro to the Maxx" kit.

I built this model a couple of years ago, just after Jim released his kit. I liked the design, but thought that it needed to be upscaled. I had a BNC-55AM nosecone in my stock and it's a perfect match for the Mudwasp nosecone, so I based the upscale on the BT-55 with a 24mm motor mount.

It's still in gray primer. One of these days, I'll get the real paint job on it.

Here are some photos from the FlisKits anniversary launch. First is sitting on the pad. Next is liftoff on an AeroTech E15-5. Then recovery. Sorry about the Estes chute, Jim. :blush: Thanks to Bill Spadafora for the photos.

Lastly, a liftoff photo from Mr. Flis himself.




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My September Rocket is the The Tiddlywink. Thanks to Jim and FlisKits for developing one of the most innovative and competitive 1/8A Helicopter kits I have ever seen. The coolest thing about this kit – NO BURN STRING – it literally only takes seconds to prep between flights. The fins attached to blades allow the rocket to spin without being slowed by the fins and no extra weight for a free spinning hub.

I made a couple improvements to my competition Tiddlywink models – I changed the wood dowel to a graphic tube saving half the weight of the dowel and rather than mounting the fins on top of the blade I cut the blades short and mounted them flush.

With FlisKit innovative design and my couple improvements it makes this my September’s Best Rocket.

Ray King



Picture 003.jpg
Ok, the Tiddlywink is really cool. My fingers hurt just looking at the photos....

Hey, Jim, I think I may have opened up a can of worms here. Guess there are more than a few people out there flying your designs.
I'll go big! I'm entering my upscale (3.38x) Tres. 12 feet tall, 54mm motor mounts, about 25 lb plus motors.
Video here:

Jim, you have some of the most innovative designs out there :D:clap:

Thank you muchly :) You know, after seeing that 54mm Deuce with a camera located looking down from the engine mount, between the two motors... ...This Tres is just BEGGING for a similarly mounted camera... :D
It is now officially past midnight according to my Mickey Mouse Clock here on the East coast! So, the entry period for this months contest is CLOSED!

Poll to be posted shortly! Thank you all for entering, and may my, uum, the best rocket win! :D

And with 11 contestants there will be 2 polls!:rolleyes: Placement in any given poll is just by order of entry..
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I'm too late!
Can I blame this on AT&T? My internet has been down for two days.
I can't enter, but I'll send it in anyways.

This is my Diminutive Deuce.
I did make a few changes, I went with a longer (balsa) nose cone and a different fin design so it could stand up on it's own.

I didn't alternate the two fin colors for a reason. The two orange fins surround one engine, the two black fins surround the other.
The two body tube stripes tie into the "Two" theme. I did a low mask below the nose cone base to give it a longer look.

Dim Deuce 001.jpg

Dim Deuce 002.jpg
Very cool looking kit-bash (sorta :) ) of the Diminutive Deuce. You did an incredible finish job there!
Okay, I'll play. This is a 100% cardstock BT55 Phoenix Deuce. Other than recovery (kevlar-elastic), everything is constructed out of 110lb printed cardstock from the motor tubes, centering rings, motor mount, baffle to nosecone. It flies remarkeably well on everything from a 1/2a-3T to A3-4T.

Photo courtesy of Aeromoe