Sept 11th memorial launch at MIS

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Sep 6, 2004
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I would first like to thank all the members and in particular the officers of the Jackson Model Rocket Club, for making me feel welcome again at their launch at MIS (Michigan International Speedway, Brooklyn MI). It was a very stirring ceremony with a 21 Rocket launch salute at noon to honor those who fell. Very moving was Mark Palmer playing TAPS Live (YES LIVE!) with a trumpet on the field to conclude the ceremony. IT WAS A CLASS SHOW all the way. The rockets were flown one at a time while "The star spangled banner" then "America the beautiful" played over the PA system. These guys are a First class act and definetly a model for other rocket clubs to emulate.

Please visit their website for more info on their club

As for me I would like to thank all who stopped by my tent to view my wares. And a BIG thank you for all who bought my wares. I was very encouraged by the great sales I had. Rick of West Wayne Rockets would also like to thank those of you who purchased their "Birdie" clone kit there.

Again thanks to JMRC and all the people who showed up to make this a great event.

"Uncle" Mike Scopone