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Pyro Pro

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Jul 24, 2003
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Central 24mm motor and (4x) 13mm outboards. Main tube is FlisKits BT-70 size. All parts are FlisKits exept bulkhead, shock cord and parachute.

Parts List:
-(2x) 17.5" BT-70 tubes
-BT-70 Nosecone (Richter Recker type)
-BT-70 coupler
-(2x) 1/8" balsa sheets for fins.
-Cluster mount kit (1x 24mm, 4x 13mm)
*2x single hole centering rings
*2x 5 hole centering rings
*1x 24mm motor tube
*4x 13mm motor tubes
*1x 24mm engine block
*4x 13mm engine blocks
-2x 3/16" launch lug

Non-FlisKits parts
-1/8" plywood bulkhead
-22" nylon parachute
-40" nylon covered kevlar shock-cord

I'm done with the main assembly of the rocket and now its down to fillets and painting. I have some pictures I will try to load tomorrow but until then here is the RSim drawing:
Update- Got a PerfectFlite miniTimer3 w/G-switch for AIRSTARTS!!
This is a cool design! I don't know if airstarts are going to anything except give you practice for the bigguns', but it oughta be cool! Keep us up-to-date!

Yes, the air-starts are mainly for effect.

I got a chance to fly it this weekend at the Whitakers launch on a F21-4w! Very cool flight, perfectly straight up and quite fast for a 2.2" diameter rocket. By next month i should have the timer set up so i can start with 4 A10-PT's and Airstart the F21 about a second into the flight. I still need to post some pictures, maybe I'll try that after homework tonight...