Sentinel Hypertek flight

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Jul 15, 2010
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I just wanted to share a video of a flight on a Binder Design Sentinel. I recently completed the rocket reinforcing it with fiberglass. It is 4"x84". I flew this on a Hypertek J330 to a altitude of 4,207 ft. In this video it is unpainted for it's maiden flight. The kewl part is that it landed within 50 yards of the pads..... I'm still pumped up over this one !

Binder Design Sentinel
Nice flight...very fast with that EFX grain. I certified L2 with the "hammer head" Version which is pre-54mm tank. It was designated then as a J300. My Public Enemy Extreme Performer hit 4,333 feet...

Congrats on the HyperTEK flight...
Thanks for the kudo's on the flight..... I'm currently putting the finishing touches on the rocket for paint and getting it ready for the Jackson, MI launch this weekend. I'll have some real nice pics of it then.
Maybe this will tide you over till I get the Sentinel up on the pad for a nice pic..........