Send Your Name to the Sun Aboard NASA's Parker Solar Probe


Lorenzo von Matterhorn
Jan 31, 2009
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Submissions will be accepted at the link below until April 27, 2018:

Your name could soon zoom through the sun's superheated outer atmosphere, just like William Shatner's. The "Star Trek" actor has signed up to put his name on a microchip that will fly aboard NASA's Parker Solar Probe, which will launch on a historic sun-studying mission this summer.



SXSW 2018: How NASA's Parker Solar Probe Was Engineered to Take the Heat
Breakthrough thermal shielding tech will let delicate electronics survive the brutal heat of the sun's corona

The Parker Solar Probe is therefore outfitted with a 4.5-inch-thick (11.4 centimeters) carbon-composite shield, which will protect the spacecraft from radiation levels 475 times greater than those we experience here on Earth and temperatures that reach 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit (1,370 degrees Celsius). The spacecraft's onboard instruments should be able to operate at room temperature despite these extreme external conditions, NASA officials said.