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Jan 17, 2009
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Ran across this from an ROL post.

You can include YOUR name on a list of names that will be included with the DEEP IMPACT probe that is going to crash into a comet on July 4th, 2005.

Go to this jpl site:

YOu can add your name to the list (i just did mine), you can send the page to a friend and look up names too. After signing up, you get a certificate that you can print out and frame :)

Sounds like a fun thing to do!

PS: I didn't do it, but will register "fliskits" next. Anyone from the forum signing up should include the suffix "TRF" at the end of their name. Later on we can see how well TRF is going to be represented on this comet :)

Deadline is Jan 31st

Thanks for the info Jim, done that and sent it to my grandkids.
Top heads-up, Jim. 'Dan Westley - TRF' has been registered, and I've passed the link on to my Sis, for my nephew.
Cool Idea - whole family are on their way
Peter Myers TRF
Kath Myers
Dominic Myers
Elena Myers

Do you think they'll run out of room????
well, when I registered they were up to about 490,000 or there abouts. Check your certificate. There is a certificate number on it showing what number you are.

assuming a typical name (i get this from Asimov... LOL) has, let's say, 15 letters (first and last name) on average, and each letter space is a byte (including the space and the end character), that would be 17 bytes.

for ease of calculation, let's further assume that there are 83 bytes of other information that classify/categorize and format your name, giving you an even 100 bytes of data per name (.1KB or .0001MB)

Seeing as a CD contains approximately 660MB, that leaves enough room for 6, 600,000 names


Mounted on the impactor?? We will be DEEP:D

CERT #s 480424,480440,480449, 480458
Someone pass Jim a cold beer after those calculations.:D :D :D

Sweet. Eugenio Cebollero - TRF is on there now. LOL - they're gonna be scratching their heads when all the TRF suffixes start showing up.

Certificate No. 480491
I registered my name too! Jason Toft TRF is on it's way to make a nice big crater... :D


LOL - it looks like the students are behaving the way they used to, when I was at Uni. Try doing a name search on 'Bush' or 'Osama'. (NB. the search 'Bush' does return some names containing some of the more 'colourful' words in the English language - you have been warned).

A search on 'Blair' returns NO amusing referances to Tony. Not sure what to make of that :confused: ;)
LOL, this has really taken off! I love it!

I am also sending this onto our school district. It will be need to see suffixes of MSD (Merrimack School District) on there too!

FlisKits - TRF - 481460 and Jim Flis - TRF - 481469 now registered!

WOW, in the span of time it took me to enter them both, 8 others had entered!

What I want to know is who put the plain "TRF" entry in back on Dec. 8, 2003 and what their reference was.

By the way, I, my girlfriend, my daughter and her two boys are also listed. The kids are gonna LOVE this!! I plan on printing the certificates, matting them and putting them up on the kids' bedroom walls. They will be GLUED to the webcast when this thing hits.
21 people so far with TRF. I'm R.S. Barker - TRF Certificate No. 483542

Thanks for the link Jim. 8)
Our Grand-daughter is now on board also:

Lillian S. Montague :)

side note: This summer Lilly is looking foward to going to Grandpa's house to fly rockets to the stars. Age 5 :)