Semroc's Nighthawk Finally Finished

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Jan 18, 2009
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This one was as painful to build at the OT. I did go for airfoiling the wings on the glider... what a pain!!! I even got asma after all that sanding!!! Painted it orange metalflake and gloss black. Added a few decals so that it would not look so plain. Who has built one of these? What was your experience? Was it a pain as mine?

... now, which rocket is next on my list to finish this weekend??


Raul I finished mine a ways back and have not flown it yet either. I'll bring this one to Craigs as well.
Looks like that while at Craigs there are going to be a few Nighthawks, OT, and Launch missiles. I still have to balance the glider... that may happen tomorrow...
I enjoyed building this kit. I usually clone rockets from plans, so having laser cut balsa and decals is quite a luxury for me. Notching and bending the wing tip was a new technique for me. Looks like you perfected that as well. Using "pin in hole" to attach glider to pod was also new to me. This is much easier than the "piece X" method. The airfoil shape was different than any others I had done before. I was suprised with how well this tail-less design worked. I continue to learn something new with every rocket I build. The 1/2A motor is not enough. Go with the B4-2.
I scratch built one of these many years ago. I used contest grade balsa, and covered the wings in yellow tissue. Mine was a superb flier but I needed to tweak one of the wing tips to get it to circle. I ended up cutting off the tips, sanding in the correct anehedral angle and gluing them back on. I ended up losing it after it thermaled off a ways and I wasn't able to be close to it when it landed. The yellow color in grass ended up being the killer.