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Mar 14, 2004
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I needed some tubes 0.759" OD for casting parafin hybrid grains. Semroc had them (Centuri ST-7). I had to order more than I needed because of the $5.00 minimum. So what? Shipping was free! Si I splurged $1.60 for priority UPS. I placed the order Thursday night. For the next 24 hours I got a total of 5 emails, 4 of them telling me about the progress of the order, from receipt to tracking number. The fifth told me that since I had said nice things about Semroc, they were sending me a kit they were offering for free specifically for their supporters. Mind you, this was unannounced. The nice things I'd said were heartfelt and deserved, and said without knowledge of their reward.

It arrived today, North Carolina to Texas, less than 48 hours after ordering. tubes and kit in perfect shape.

The listed price of the free kit was 40% greater than the entire order including priority shipping. That was nice, but far nicer was the letter. It was obviously personalized, in that they mentioned some specific instances of where I said nice things about them. They noticed, and then they took the time to reward what they saw.

Semroc is a Good Business. The Semroc people are Good People. Best of all, they can do both of these at the same time.
A bump for this thread. Thumbs up on these guys. Buy their rockets.