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Sep 12, 2002
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First Impressions:
Very nice oversized box with packing peanuts to ship it in. Then I opened it.

They really mean business! That is a LOC 29MM MMT for a body tube. Very sturdy! And I like that they include a 24mm adapter-- because that is likely what I will fly in it. The tip of the balsa NC is blunted-- this is probably not intentional, but I wouldn't be trying to maintain a razor point like that, anyway. I am going to have to reinforce it-- maybe try some wood hardener?
The basswood fins and BT fin slots are laser cut and perfect looking. The packaging is also very nice-- this kit would look great hanging from a store peg. The instructions seem clear and written with a novice in mind.

I started out by sanding all the tubes lightly, and beginning construction of the 24mm adapter.

More later!

BTW, I was REALLY surprised to see that Semroc is located in Knightdale , NC. I have traveled there MANY times on business where my company has offices and until recently a plant. It is not that big a town-- I keep wondering where exactly they are... Anybody from that neck of the woods know more about their actual location?
Now I have completed inserting the 29mm engine block and the 24mm adaptor. I have been sealing the basswood fins and balsa NC. This time I tried using thin CA as sealer. After the 4th-5th coat, followed by progressively higher grit wet sanding, that surface is solidly sealed and smooth as a baby's bottom! The NC is a little tougher to get sealed to my satisfaction, only because of the ogive shape.
Tonight I will attach the first fin-- while I complete sealing of the last two fins. This kit has been a pleasure to build, bringing back my twelve year old builds of the Estes Alpha, for example. I can't wait to stuff a D-12 in this puppy!

I think the Sky Hook is next on my list!!:p
Originally posted by tnrocketman
First Impressions:
Very nice oversized box with packing peanuts to ship it in. Then I opened it.

Off-topic, but why can't manufacturers us "dog barf" for their packing material instead of peanuts?


What is the concern over peanuts? I had a customer once who said he was into saving the environment and wanted me to pack his order without peanuts. I always reuse the peanuts that I get from packages I receive. So I recycle them.

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"Dog Barf" can be used by the end user as wadding... that's all.

We use "dog barf" as our packing material about 30% of the time. I usually use it when I'm out of peanuts, paper won't do and only on small packages. The trouble with it is that it leaves a dusty film all over the office if you're not really, really careful. When I'm trying to get the days shipments packed up, labeled, inventoried and get to the post office before 4:30 (closing time), it's tough to "be careful".

John (not Jon) Arthur
Originally posted by tnrocketman
It is not that big a town-- I keep wondering where exactly they are... Anybody from that neck of the woods know more about their actual location?
Send us an email the next time you are coming to Knightdale so we can get together.
I've finished construction on this model. The instructions are very solid and I followed them anywhere I haven't elaborated otherwise in this review. Don't forget to mark the launch lug line BEFORE attaching any fins-- you probably would have but it would be hard to get a good line on this kit if you didn't.

Good ole balsa nose cones! I have had several get serious dents over time so I just can't be satisfied with sealing and painting them. It is all of the HPR experience I guess. So, I applied several coats of CA/sanding and I still didn't feel comfortable. I had challenged myself to use the carpenter's glue only for this model and leave the epoxy alone, but I couldn't resist-- I brushed a light coat of Raka 30 minute (which really takes closer to an hour to firm up) epoxy on with an old brush I was gonna toss anyway, dabbed some on the screw eye hole, and around the base of same for good measure. Then I hung it upside down over some wax paper in my water heater closet to cure overnight. A couple of days later I lightly wet-sanded with 400 then 600 grit just to take the sheen off and even out the irregularities. Much better!

I did not like the look of the included launch lug. I'm sure it is technically adequate, but with the solid feel of the rest of the build, I cut some short sections of paper tube 1/4 inch lug and then used some wood filler sanding with a 1/4 inch sandpaper wrapped wooden dowel to give an even fillet look.

The included chute looks really good! I only wish I had ordered this earlier since now I must wait until spring to fly this puppy! Like some others around here, I seldom primer before first flight and even more rarely paint first. Besides, it is too cold now for painting here.

The Jaguar was quite enjoyable to build and reminded me of that Estes Alpha I put together as my first kit just less than 30 years ago. I will definitely be buying some more of these SLS kits from Semroc, as they are obviously great quality and good value also.

Below is a picture of the assembled model upright...
Here is a badly focused (sorry) view of the 'business end' of the model looking forward...
and finally here is a side view of the fins. The finish is SO smooth from using the CA/wet sand method-- more work but definitely worth it...

I think the SLS kits are a great addition to this hobby. I really like the robust components. I can't wait for more SLS kits to come out.

Best regards,
HI Guys I just got 4 of their kits on ebay. From BSR Hobbies
I bought the SLS Scorpion the other kits are the Javelin,Astrobee 350 and the Lune R1.

The quality of the kits are so much nicer than Estes:)
Heck I even got a $5.00 coupon with my Scorpion for my next purchase if I spend $25.00 or more or a free rocket worth $8.00.
I will buy a few more of the big kits like the Javelin,Jaguar.
The Scorpion is 27.9" tall and weighs 3.9 oz
I'm glad there is a new Kid on the block :D
The chute with my Scorpion is made out of nylon.

She's allmost ready to have her maiden flight and there are some impressive # 1700' on a E9-8 and 3600' on a F25-9.
Awesome stuff Mikey