Semroc saturn 1B CP?

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Nov 24, 2009
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Hello all,

I substituted an Apogee Apollo capsule for the stock one and will be flying on an E-30. Can you folks help me with the CP on the Semroc Saturn 1B? I want to be safe for the first (and all!) launches.
The Semroc Rocsim file has the CP at 28.125 in from the tip of the capsule.
I built mine with a changeable motor mount, which added a little weight to the aft end and have the stock capsule. I've flown mine on 4 Cs, E15s and once on an F24 (see below).
So I think you will be OK.

And welcome to the Forum.
Thanks! I am new to this and do not have rockSim. I really appreciate the help.
Welcome Matt! Lots and lots of good people and info around this place!

Tony awesome picture!
Thanks! Is it the tip of the capsule or tip of escape tower (5-6" difference)?