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Jul 5, 2003
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[Crossposted from Yahoo Groups "OldRockets"]

After placing his first order with SEMROC (, Jay Goemmer wrote:

> I managed to get everything on my list... except I had to
> buy 3 ST-7120s since there was only one ST-7180 left in stock.

I had the following note from SEMROC when I checked e-mail earlier tonight:

< Jay,

I just read your Email to the OldRockets group and noticed you wanted ST-7180's. A shipment came in and they are in stock, just didn't update product inventory.

Anyway, if you place another order, please don't hesitate to Email me if you have any questions about quantities or any other questions.

Thank you for your support,
Sheryl >

The moral of the story? Tell SEMROC what you want, and they'll do
their darnedest to get it for you! (I told Sheryl I was just
overjoyed that I was actually able to place my order, and that subbing 3 ST-7120's for 2 ST-7180's wasn't a problem, since I was going to cut them down for engine mount tubes anyway.)

If SEMROC far exceeds the McLawhorns' wildest expectations, it could very well be due to *CUSTOMER SERVICE* alone. (The preceding subliminal message was intended solely for other rocket companies.)

Absolutely stoked about SEMROC,

I'm expecting a second Goliath (my first was #6) and a couple of Thunder Bee's today. I think this is my sixth or seventh order and I've yet to be disappointed.