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Jul 18, 2010
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So, I'm out of town on business on Monday. I call home, and my wife says:

"You got a rocket in the mail. Mailing label says 'Semroc'."

"That's weird. I didn't order anything."

When I got home last night, and opened the box, I found one of these:

The letter that was enclosed indicated that I'd been sent kit #31 of the initial run of 40.

I have to assume that I got this in thanks for writing a review of the Semroc Micron on EMRR.

Anyway, looks to be a nice kit. Apparently, it's a revision of a Centuri kit from the mid-60s; the original kit was meant to look sort of like a scale rocket of the era, and was discontinued when Centuri started selling kits of actual rockets.

Since folks here will probably want to know:
- Finished length is supposed to be 19.2", finished fin span is supposed to be 4.4"
- Big body tube is an ST-1380; there's a balsa transition to an ST-855, then a long nose cone that mimics the shape of another transition, a short narrow body tube, and a very small "top"
- 6 laser-cut fins (with the usual Semroc quality)
- 12" parachute, with standard Semroc Kevlar-elastic shock cord system
- Decal sheet with the two roll patterns

There's no Skill Level listed on the package, but it'd look to me to be a high 1 / low 2.

At any rate, an unexpected but nice surprise.
Sweet...while I was at it, I filled out the form :) Thanks for the heads up!
I got a surprise in the mail also. Semroc is a class act in every respect.
I'm supposedly getting one in the mail too for the Lune R-1 review I did. Class act those Semroc folks. I have my eye on a few of their rockets. Have to drop hints to Santa soon.

Funny thing is, going through that bpox of crap I had, I discovered I had most of the makings of an original unbuilt Centuri Recruiter along with the bag and instructions. Now I won't have to build it. :D
Nominated?? I got nominated for something???:confused:

If nominated I will not run!

If elected I will not serve!

Hey, I don't wanna be elected president of something just 'cause I missed a meeting!:rolleyes:
Mine is on the way too (even before filling out the form)! Yahoo! My hat's off to Semroc!
I got #9. Now I have to decide if I should build it, or just keep it as it is and admire it. (I'm leaning toward building it.)
Man! Semroc is beyond cool! :cool:

I got a nice e-mail back from Semroc saying nice things about Sandman and about my mentioning him to them. They said #10 should arrive for him today or tomorrow.

Coolest of all, they said I'm on the list too! How about that! Now, no one has to send me anything to get me to steer people to great stuff, and I'd never steer folks to something I didn't like, but it's perks like this that can get a guy really motivated to do what he's already inclined to do with just that much more energy! :D

Speaking of energy, just watch how fast I snap up a Starfire when they come out. Heck, I might want two. That's a sweet little bird.

You listening in, Semroc? {Slow, hypnotic voice on} Revive the Long Tommmmm. Revive the Long Tommmmm. {Voice off} :D
Originally posted by rstaff3
Mine is on the way too (even before filling out the form)! Yahoo! My hat's off to Semroc!

Yeah so is mine :eek: :D Semroc is too right more than cool!! :p
I filled out the form on the Semroc website today too. I figured that they might give me one for my reviews on EMRR of the Rocket Rack & Goliath :D

While I'm not so much into LPR nowadays, I was excited to build & fly the Goliath a few months ago because I really like the Big Bertha styling but always felt that the BB was just slightly underpowered--even though it *always* put in a great flight. I wanted to build it as a clustered version so when I got the Goliath, I knew exactly what to do :D (Although I was somewhat tempted to buid it with the 24mm MMT...)

Got my fingers crossed ;)

We have been holding #40 for you until we got some mailing information. It will go out tomorrow.

We are still holding about 8 more waiting for contact from Recruiters we only know by name or user name. Some are on TRF: Jetra2, Eugenefl, Karl, Aerobee300. Some are on EMRR.

Thanks to all the Semroc Recruiters!
Originally posted by Carl

We have been holding #40 for you until we got some mailing information. It will go out tomorrow.

No, no, no....


Semroc makes promoting themselves easy by putting out such excellent products. This is too cool :cool:
Got home tonight to find #27 waiting for me, on my doorstep. :D

Thanks for the early xmas pressie! ;)

I carn't wait to get my #20 :D
Are the transistions balsa are the fins lasercut?? Im eager to get hold of it lol!
I saw a cone on their site that looks like a Mercury capsule with the tip end stretched...sounds like it. I immediately thought of making the cone part of mine look like a
Got mine today!

Thanks, Carl!:D

Thanks guys...I LOVE free stuff!
Got mine today as well. Thanks Semroc, rest assured, your investment will reap benefits. There are other Semroc kits in my future. Thumbs up!
well i got a package from semroc today. i talked to them on thursday and get a FREE rocket on saturday.. not only great rockets but great service..... what a great deal!!!!
I got mine today. TOO COOL!!! :D:D

Nothin' like a free rocket! :)

I gots to build this

Thanks SEMROC! 5/5!

I have NO WILLPOWER :rolleyes: I just *can't* leave a kit in the package.! :D

There's some really ingenious stuff in this kit. The motor mount is the most robust assembly I've ever seen in a LPR! Too cool.

Thanks again Semroc :D :D
Yea the motor mount is nice...almost begs for a bigger motor :) I like the unique cone the best.
So much for a quiet, low-key campaign to identify and thank those friends that have helped make us successful this past year.

Sure can't keep secrets from this group!

Thanks for all the support for Semroc and all the very kind words in these threads.
Originally posted by Fishhead
I got #9. Now I have to decide if I should build it, or just keep it as it is and admire it. (I'm leaning toward building it.)
If you want a second Recruiter to build and keep the first one, contact Sheryl.