Semroc Mars Lander Chute Instructions Missing

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David G

Apr 7, 2014
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My new ML kit has a parachute assembly (little adhesive grommets). No instructions. Is each parachute line supposed to be tied to the white adhesive grommet and attached to the parachute.

Can't remember if this is a standard rocketry parachute design.

Thanks for your ideas.

I use a 1/8" hole punch for putting the holes in the parachute, and buy the clear plastic rings at staples and put them on both sides of the chute and tie the shroud line with a knot that doesn't slip tight onto the chute so it can swivel.
The 1/8" punch is from my leather crafting tools.
Most stock chutes only have a paper ring, for only one side of the chute.
I never had a tear out with the plastic discs on both sides.
FWIW: The third edition of Tim Van Milligan's MODEL ROCKET DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION book illustrates the use of paper eyelet reinforcements - a.k.a. paper assholes - for that purpose.

It might be in the 2nd edition - I have both - but I have not read from that one in a while. And right now I am laying down, waiting for my b.p. medicine to kick in, and just 'chilling' with my cat, Layla....

I also like to reinforce both sides of the sheet before I tie on. Just my personal preference.