Semroc Magnum Hornet lost on 2nd flight!

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Feb 2, 2009
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Well I lost my new Semroc Magnum Hornet on its 2nd flight! I'm new to rocket building and loving it so I guess I still have a lot to learn. I first launched with a small A8-3 which worked nicely...great test. I had nothing in the B range so I went with a C 6-5...big mistake. Went way higher than I anticipated. I actually lost it for awhile until the chute deployed. I couldn't believe how high it went. The kit says it will go an est. 850'...I say that's a load of crap..must have easily exceeded 1000 ft. Chute deployed nicely but it drifted into some dense woods almost a 1/4 mile away. I guess the wind speed up there was a lot more then I anticipated as well..bummer. Oh well, live and learn! Anyway, enjoyed the kit and plan on getting another and doing the same build. Here are my pics of my short first love:







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Nice looking finished's a shame that it got lost on the second flight.

I just built a Magnum Hornet myself and it's one of my favorite new builds. I did mine in purple ("the purple hornet") and for as light as it is, that model REALLY zips. I launched it about a week ago on a C11-3 (not sure that's really recommended for it) and it just about went out of sight.

Admittedly the wind was a little gusty, but even with the 12 inch chute, it drifted a long way. I actually lost it for about 40 minutes before retracing my steps. I'm going to have to wait for a nice calm day for a 24mm D12 in that one.
Hmmm....nice looking bird...must buy one...

For being new at this stuff, Kris, you did an excellent job on the Hornet. Next time, beware the RETs (rocket eating trees) and perhaps use a streamer instead of chute.
Beautiful finishing job. Its a shame you lost it.

Did you mean a C6-5 or C6-7? I can't beleive a C6-3 would work well on a rocket that flies well on a A8-3.
Thanks! Oh yes..good call...I meant C6-5. It lists A8-3, B6-4, C6-5 and D12-7. The C put it out of sight...I only saw it when the chute deployed. I can't imagine what the D would do. I'm going to have to find a larger field for that one. Problem is that I live in Central NJ, close to Trenton so not a lot of large fields to fly...and that are allowed. I will try a streamer though maybe. Was a lot of fun though..just bummed to lose something I put so much time into. Already ordered number 2 though :) I plan on putting a "II" next to the main decal as a little homage to the first one.
I know how you feel - I lost my Red Max on the very first flight about two weeks ago! I had modified it to accept a D engine and it went OOS. Picked it up when the chute opened but it drifted into the woods, even though on the ground there was barely a breeze and my park is huge. See last known picture below.
I was at the GSSS monthly launch last Saturday and the wind was really strong. I couldn't believe that they were launching. Then I saw something that I had seen before but forgotten in my rocket rebirth. They all had holes cut in the chutes, if they weren't using streamers. Works like a charm.

I'll tell you, a 2.5" to 3" spill hole in the parachute is great even if you don't intend to go sub-orbital. I'm not a big streamer fan for heavier rockets.

A spill hole will also cut down on the spiral oscillation during descent if you cut it centered and evenly.