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Sep 23, 2004
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My son and I did the build out on the SEMROC Lune R-1 we won on an Ebay auction from Uncle Mikes Rocket Shack (thumbs up to him too, quick service, and he usually has at least a handful of Semroc kits on Ebay at any given time).

As I have a bunch of the Centuri rockets, its no surprise I'm attracted to the Semroc kits. The Lune R-1 is from their Retro/Repreo line and I think this is originally a kit fom 1970. The Lune R-1 is a 4 fin payloader with an A8 through C6 motor recommendation. It has right angle traingular fins and a long thin tapered NC which give it a racey appearance.

I had my 10 year old son do most of the building on this one so he could start to get a feel for putting together a 'real rocket', not one of those E2X day-glo plastic fin can jobs. I did the fin installs and threaded and tied off the cords, otherwise I let him do run with it, doing the fin separation and sanding. He rounded one root edge by mistake, but we fixed that, and it served as a good chance to reinforce orienting leading edges by checking for the grain direction.

As mentioned in other Semroc review threads, the quality of the parts is topnotch, and the lasercut balsa is a godsend. So I would be redundant when I say they get an A+ for completeness, quality, and instructions. The shock cord is tied to kevlar thread which is then looped into the top of the motor clip. Good quality elastic and lots of it. Should be no Estes dents here. Shoulders on the cones and connector are slightly oversize which is nice as it lets you sand down for the proper fit rather than having to built up with tape or filler.

Between the two of us we go the thing together and glued up in about an hour. Heres a picture of it ready for the fin glue fillets and cone sanding, and then painting in the new untested paint booth (insert evil scientist laughter here).

Next: finishing, painting, decals....
The thing I like about the Lune R-1 is how much it looks like the models I designed as a kid. I don't think they have a review on this one over at EMRR yet. Why not write one up? You're off to a good start.
Update: finally got my launch controller done, and a few other things out of the way, so I went back to the Lune R-1.

After doing some more sanding on the fins and nose (I only stepped down to 220 grit), it was time for a base coat of flat white. Actually about 2 to 3 coats. then I sanded the nose cone some more, rubbed some WeldBond over it to fill in some pores, sanded it again, then a couple of coats of gloss white on the whole thing.

At this point I started masked off everything but the fins, which when done, I painted gloss fire engine red. In my haste to finish it, I pulled off the mask before it was 100% dry, and it made a couple of the seam lines a little ugly. I don't mind though, I'm not huge on overfinishing a model, otherwise, I'd never fly it.

The decals were next. Cut them down to each one, soaked in luke warm watter for minute, and poistioned them on the rocket. Light squeegee with a paper towel, and let dry. Once this was done, I put a a nice even coat of Future applied with a paper towel on the whole thing, and then let dry. The result is pictured here.

I like the loooks of it, it built out nice and light, similar in size and weight to my original Centuri Arcon, so it ought to fly pretty good on a B.

Next up, flight testing (as soon as I can get out on a nice day)

next up
Originally posted by Fishhead
The thing I like about the Lune R-1 is how much it looks like the models I designed as a kid. I don't think they have a review on this one over at EMRR yet. Why not write one up? You're off to a good start.

Nice job indeed with the Lune R-1!

Please do consider submitting a review to EMRR (even if there is already a review for that kit--although I don't think there is!)
I will do an EMRR write up as soon as I get it on the pad with a motor stuffed up its business end.

From my launch thread:

"Next up was the maiden flight of the recently completed Semroc Lune R-1. Due to the winds, I put in a 12" chute with a spill hole cut into it. Engine was a B6, and since this built out so light, I wa a little nervous. Again, at zero countdown, the rocket lit off within a very short time of hitting the luanchs button (new launcher performed great all day.) The Lune R-1 took off like a shot completely straight up, with nary a rotation. Given the windy conditions, it was nothing short of spectacular. Rocket went up probably 600-700 ft at least, and ejected at apogee. We sweated out the decent, and the rocket came down 'just' in front of the trees bordering the far end of the field; we used every inch of the park. Great flight for a nice rocket."

As well as this rocket flew in crappy, windy weather, I can see it will be one of my favorite kits in my entire fleet. This rocket is a winner. Get one!