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Pyro Pro

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Jul 24, 2003
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Heres my Semroc Hydra 7 kit. Still in need of a paint job, but finished otherwise. Hope everyone likes it.
Mine arrived today. I'm looking forward to building it, but I'm gonna familiarise myself compleatly with the kit & instructions before starting. I don't think I've ever built a kit with so many bits in it!

I'm highly impressed by the Squire & Laser X, by Semroc, I've built so far; so I'm looking forward to this. My Squire is waiting for decals, and then I'll post some pics.
I wrote up a review in the "reviews" section, if anyone wants to read it. Yeah, I felt the same way about my rocket when I got it. I didn't want to put a single drop of glue on it until I had practically memorized the instuctions. But I got over it, obviously:D