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Sep 30, 2012
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Temple TEXAS
Amongst other general busyness I managed to finish up my Semroc Excalibur.

Color is Testors Metallic Turquoise. I was going for a paint job that would have the look of the one in the old catalog, but without being too worried about making an accurate copy, hence the three different fins and slight variation in the stripes. Planned maiden at the DART launch later this month...

Nice one Mike - hope to see it at the New Year's Eve extravaganza at Fiesta Island.
That is a nice paint job. The Excalibur has always been one of my favorites, I had one in the Big Shot combo kit with the Screaming Eagle and launch pad. The SEMROC kit uses a solid balsa transition, so you have to split it there with the upper section as a payload. The original used a hollow plastic transition, so you had the option of splitting it, or attaching the chute to the nose cone.

You should get a Booster 8 to fly this as a two stager, i.e. an Excalibur 2. I did some Excalibur clones in 13 mm and 24 mm size, a nice looking rocket in any scale.