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Fore Check

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Sep 24, 2010
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It's time that I order a SEMROC product.

This is necessitated by needing a body tube that costs $0.70 on their website. Great. Like I needed an excuse to order one of their kits anyway.

So here we are. I'd order it from (because of their excellent service and pricing!!) but alas, they don't have the semroc tubes (again, long story.)

What are the shipping costs from Semroc direct like? Do I need to ramp up my order to make it worth my while?
Why not ask the source...?
I won't be happy till I get the 7 cluster they offer
Fore Check,

I'd like to carry the tubes, but they have sooooo many sizes and there just doesn't seem to be much demand for Centuri tubes, so it's just not cost effective to keep them in stock. I'd be happy to order anything you need from Semroc. We place an order about once a week or so. We've got stuff coming in on Monday, but alas, no tubes. We will probably order again on Friday.

As for the Semroc shipping, I'm not sure how they handle retail orders. They may not charge shipping at all. I know on wholesale orders they usually under charge by about a pound. I agree with Styme - ask 'em (they're nice).

John (not Jon) Arthur
I placed an order with Semroc last month for 74 items that totaled over $200.00 and not only did they not charge me shipping, but they also threw in a free Squire kit. After I placed the order, I received four status e-mails from Semroc that detailed the status of my order, as follows:

2 May - Order confirmation (the 2nd was a Sunday!!!)
2 May - In Process
2 May - Ready to Ship
3 May - Order shipped
8 May - Got it!

I would definitely order from them again, the service was superb - and the kits are great too!
Semroc does not charge shipping. So you still save money by buying directly from Semroc then JonRocket.
Fore Check,
Top quality kits.
You might check the site for details but I believe they don't charge shipping on orders over $20.
Last order, I got the Astrobee as a bonus!


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