Semroc Astro-1

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Jan 20, 2009
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This one surprised me on several levels. First, I expected it to be around the size of the Estes Alpha, and it ain't. (I tried to find my Alpha to sit alongside the Astro-1 for a size comparison, but I haven't seen it since November. Time to start diggin' I guess.) The second surprise was in how much I enjoyed this project. I had expected the Laser-X to be the ultimate Semroc experience, but I really liked building this one. I was halfway through construction an hour after I found it on the porch. Who needs RTF? Biggest surprise was in how the whole project turned out, but considering what I had to start with I guess it wasn't really a surprise. Now I just have to hope for a break in the weather so I can fly it. (Hmmm, March is occasionally less than frigid in these parts.)