Semroc and Fliskits race to the tree

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Jan 19, 2009
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In one of the most enjoyable contests of the year, I unintentionally pitted the blazing fast customer service and delivery teams of two of the very best in the business. After having a chance to peek at the instructions for Flis's Decim8, I jumped at the chance to get one for Christmas. It will be my wife's idea, of course. Jim's latest update had this shipping Monday, and with a few days off before Christmas I might have to divert it to slip a finished one under the tree instead.

Also on Monday came the announcement that Semroc was continuing their amazingly generous Christmas discount/sale for online direct customers, along with two new kits. I immediately maxed out my discount, and the race was on. Which vendor's goodies would make it to my doorstep first?

With Semroc's vast experience bending the fabric of time, it was no contest. Their package arrived this afternoon, less than 48 hours after hitting the "pay now" button, via free standard shipping. :happydeer: I'm sure the Decim8 will arrive tomorrow :impatient:, and somehow I'll manage to work on both orders concurrently :rolleyes:.

The real winner, of course, would be those of us who patronize these two terrific vendors.

Here's hoping my two favorite rocket families continue to roll out such great products and support.

--Chan Stevens
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All good things come to those who wait ......

............ even if the wait is just a few nanoseconds. :present: