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Selling off most of my gear

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Jan 14, 2014
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I've decided I'm just not using it anymore, so selling off most of my gear. I'll probably do it in a couple of posts, but here is the first round.

- Aerotech 54mm plugged forward closure and 54mm forward seal disc - SOLD
- Aerotech 38/1320 case only - SOLD
- Aerotech reloads J570, 2 available - $60/reload or $110 for both (local pickup only - Phoenix/Chandler metro)
- Electronics bundle Stratologger, RRC2+, fully assembled egg finder with LCD receiver - SOLD

Offers considered.



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That electronics bundle.... I need it like a hole in the head but that is a good deal. If it is still around and I can't talk myself out of it. Someone please buy that soon.

What frequency is the eggfinder TX

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Electronics are sold.
Aerotech 54mm plugged forward closure and 54mm forward seal disc are sold.
Thanks all. Everything is sold except the reloads. I have more to put up, but it will be a week or so.