Secret Santa Christmas In July 2024

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To my Secret Santa, FYI I'm going out of town for the NSA* conference (no, not that NSA) leaving on June 30th, it would be awesome if your elves can expedite it so I am able to bring your generosity on the road. Then we can all celebrate on the 4th... If not no worries I'll get to it once we're back home.

* hint: Destigmatize Stuttering
Does anyone here know if Estes has a free shipping coupon code? I have some of the new kits in my cart but the $17 keeps me from clicking on order... I ask here because it might help someone else here if they want to order from Estes for SS :D
Here is the Official Ordered, Sent, Received List.
SantaOrderedOrder ShippedReceived A Gift
Wally FerrerOrderedShippedReceived
Jeff CurtisOrderedShippedReceived
List Updated 6-27-24

Please Report in when your items are ordered, shipped, and received.
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Still waiting on shipping conformations for all Mrs. Elf orders. My wallet fells a lot lighter. Looks like the latest estimated delivery to us will be the 26th, and then I will repackage all her orders and get them to her recipient. I did order a replacement part for one of my rockets on one of the orders so don't think I am keeping something for myself :p.

List Updated
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I received my order today from the Hobby Store and man I am disappointed !!
The product was just placed in a plastic "Priority Mail" small bubble wrap bag
and the box now looks like ****.
The contents, at least as best I have inspected....are NOT damaged, but....

I am embarrassed to send it to my Santa recipient !!!

The wife cautiously, with arms extended, handed me a package yesterday. Her eyes squinting with anticipation, as a youngster does with a jack-in-the-box toy..
"I... think.. this is.. for you......"
and then tossed it at my feet. and took a good few steps back..

We then stared at it for a while..

it's now ticking...

We haven't touched it or gone near it since.. The cat has hissed at it a few times, and the dog has hid under the computer desk.. We are giving it a wide berth...

16 more days of uneasiness in the house..

;):p:D:eggnog: thanks!! :D

mark me as both sent & received..