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Jan 21, 2009
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Penns Creek, PA
:hohoho: Secret Santa Christmas In July 2017 :hohoho:

:candy:Rules: :candy:

- First Rule of Secret Santa CIJ is talk about Secret Santa CIJ! Speaking of Rules, Read the Rules!
- Signup deadline will be June 14th at 11:59pm. You will be contacted via e-mail with your recipients name, TRF handle, address, and wish list starting as early as June 15th
- Feel free to post your wishlist within this thread too. It is fun to see what other people are wishing for.
- You are encouraged to change your signature to advertise this event.
- Buy a gift for your recipient. How much you spend is optional, but typically most people spend about $20-$30 for their recipient. Vendors wishing to participate can post their sales here.
- Contact Papa Elf and let him know the gift is ordered.
- Receive your gift and report you got something in the mail.
- July 4th - open your gift! Woe to the one that opens their gift early!
- Post whatcha got and guess who sent it. Don’t forget to say thanks

:santa-smile: HOW TO SIGN UP! :santa-smile:

If you want to participate, send an e-mail titled "Secret Santa CIJ 2017" to "[email protected]". Note: the old n3tjm e-mail will still work. In the e-mail, include the following information:

TRF Handle:
Real Name:
Phone #:

Please start a new line for each field, this makes it easier to enter the data into Papa Elf's spread sheet of good boys and girls. Your Phone number will remain private, Papa Elf just needs it in case he needs to contact you.

Example: (This is Papa Elf's actual wishlist)
N3tjm <Enter>
Douglas Gardei <Enter>
125 Penn View Drive <Enter>
Penns Creek, PA 17862 <Enter>
555-555-5555 <Enter>


[h=1]ESTES Bundle 7 -[/h]

Aerotech: Arreaux, Barracuda, Cheetah, G-Force, Initiator, Sumo, RMS 29/120, 180, 240, 360, RMS 38mm Set, RMS 54-1706 motor and K550 load. H45, I65, L1000 :D

Estes: Airborne Surveillance Missile, Alien Invader, Argent PS, Ascender PS, Astron Elliptic II, Black Star Voyager, Blast Off Flight Pack, Blue Ninja, Bundle 1, 2 , and/or 3, Christmas Ornaments, Cobra, Conquest, Crossbow SST, Dark Silver, Der Red Max, Designer Kit Special, Eliminator-E, EPM 010, Equinox, Executioner, Expedition, Firebolt, Fletcher, Fusion X25, Goblin, Honest John, HiFlier XL, Indicator, Interceptor E, Jetliner Mini, Laser Lance, Little Joe II, Load Star, Long Tom, Magician, Majestic PS, Mammoth, Maxi Alpha III, Mega Der Red Max, Mercury Redstone, Mini Max, MIRV, Nike Apache, Nike Smoke, Nike Smoke PS, Outlander, Panavia, Partizon PS, Phoenix Bird, Photon Probe, Puma, Quinstar Red, Green, Gold, Yellow, or Pink Crayon, Sahara, Satellite Interceptor, Saturn V, Scion, Scorpion, Screaming Eagle, Shuttle, SLV, Solar Warrior, Space Shuttle, Star Orbiter, STM 012, Stormcaster, Stratocruiser, Super Neon, Super Nova, Trajector PS, Twin Factor, Vector Force, Ventris PS, V2;. E12-0, E16-0. E16-4, F15-0 and/or F15-4 motors.

Dynasoar - IntR/Ceptor, Spyplane, X-plane RC Kits.

Fliskits: Adfecta, Buckshot, Celtic Thunder, Cut Away Model Rocket Motor, Decim8, dooDad, Doubles, Journeyman, K&#8217;tng&#8217;a, L-13, Mercury Redstone, M.A.C.M.E. Shrew, Mako, MIRA, Nantucket Sound, Narhams Gold, Nell, Proxima Centauri, S.P.A.D., Tesla, Tiberius, Trifecta, V2, V2-WAC Bumper.

Loc: Expediter, Minie Magg, Phoenix Barebone Kit, Star Fighter 152, Viper III or IV, Warlock

Pemberton Technologies: Bucky Jones, Space Ark;

Quest B6-4, C6-3, C6-5 motors, 24pk igniters, Aerospace One, Full Betty, SHX Stilleto.

Semroc &#8211; Baby Orion, Der V-1.5, Geehod, Little Joe II, Moon Glo, Orbital Transport, Satellite Killer, Saturn 1B, SLS Lil' Hustler, Starship Excaliber, Space Shuttle, Yung&#8217;un&#8217;s Nuke.

Other: CTI E75 Motors. CTI 24mm 2 grain case, closures, Possibly Loads.
Pack of F24-4W and F35-5W&#8217;s from Hobbylinc.
Any G Reloads from Hobbylinc
AMW Gift Certificate
Hobbylinc Gift Certificate
Performance Hobbies Gift Certificate
Gift visa to buy Gas.
Anything from Wildman
Anything you think Papa Elf or his Mrs would like.

Have Fun!

Papa Elf

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It IS snowing here!! I'll play! I'll update with the details.

Maybe papa elf will send my prize from last time.. hint.. nudge... :D
I'm in!


7.4v 2S Li-Po batteries
Intro to EX supplies (casting tubes, liners, chems, etc. I am Tripoli L2 certified)
7.51" couplers and stiffy tubes
Aluminum stock for cases and bulkheads (38mm)
E-matches (preference for Crazy Jim's ematches, but am good with whatever)
Any motors 38mm and above

Gift card to Chris's Rocket Supplies.

Please none of the following:
LPR or MPR rocket kits
Motors 24mm and below
Ooh ooh, I'm in!

Aerotech: any Bird ; stack of F52's for 29/40-120
Estes: any PSII
Semroc: Orion, Excalibur : Super Centauri + Boostar-C / D, Mach I / Mach II / Cobra Striker
Quest: Li'l Grunt, Minotaur
Rocketarium : any Rebel
Odd'l : Break Away
TLP : Folgore
New Way : 2x4
Pemberton : any
ASP : Way Two High, 24 / 18 WAC Corporal / Tiny Tim
SpaceX : any Dragon
LOC : any Park Flyer

... or a surprise!
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It IS snowing here!! I'll play! I'll update with the details.

Maybe papa elf will send my prize from last time.. hint.. nudge... :D

I have your prize sitting in my office. It was delayed due to no having the right size box to ship it in, and then life took over and it kinda got forgotten about! Thanks for the reminder :p
I'm in. I'll work on my list and get it sent in.
This is always fun.

List Added: Yeah...there is quite a bit of stuff but also a wide price range.
Most can be had for around 30 bucks or cheaper.

Perfectflight MiniTimer or MicroTimer2
Additive Aerospace 808 #16 camera shroud &#8211; 2.6&#8221;
Mobius actioncam kit from LiquidFyre rocketry &#8211; 4&#8221;
Rocket Junkie aluminum charge wells, four would be great.

Loki 38/120 case
Aerotech 29/120 case
Aerotech 38/120 case

Pieces for a scratch build coming up
Mix and Match so long as they are all from same place
LOC, Binder or Madcow components
Length of 3&#8221; BT
Length of 54mm BT (2 if from Madcow)
3&#8221; Nose Cone
3&#8221; coupler
54mm coupler
2.63&#8221; coupler stiffener

A 24" piece of tubing from MAC Performance, 3" or 4". Maybe someone has some lying around.

36&#8221; or 40&#8221; X type parachute

I would love LOVE to have a plugged forward closure for 38mm Loki that worked for commercial loads so I wouldn&#8217;t have to build the infernal delay. This would likely have to be a custom job so if a machinist gets my name, YAY

Likewise for the Aerotech 38mm. Doubly so in fact, their delays are even worse to fiddle with. I use electronic ejection anyway.

Eggtimer Quantum
Eggtimer WiFi Switch

I don't really need anymore kits but I would greedily accept a Madcow 2.6&#8221; fiberglass Goblin

All else fails:
Gift certificate to Chris&#8217; Rocket Supplies, LOC, Madcow, PML, Wildman, Performance Hobbies or Mac Performance - but I really like opening things. :)
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I'm in!

Any HP scale missile. (A 4" Madcow scale kit would be ridiculously appreciated :) )

Loc Norad Pro Max or Expediter

Aerotech Mirage or G-Force

Binder Design Jackhammer

I'll be happy with anything. The above are just high hopes.
I wish for:
Kits, fantasy / sci fi types (skill level 3 or higher)
Scratch building parts
Motor hardware
A paint gun (Detail or touch-up type)

I also asked for a shirt or two. Cool "nerdy / aerospace" type shirts. How cool would it be to show up at a launch with a General Dynamics or Lockheed Martin polo!
I may have a general dynamics cap. I may be able to score you one of the polos or Ts as well.
Beat me to it.

Papa Elf also says
Feel free to post your wishlist within this thread too. It is fun to see what other people are wishing for.
But maybe he is talking about something else. :confused:

I doubt he was talking about something else. Just being annoying. Apparently he didn't read the directions.
I'm sitting out this CIJ, but I hope everyone gets some cool stuff!
Hmm, I have some chutes I could give, or maybe a Estes Goblin.
I'll have to think about entering. :)
I never got in on a Christmas in July!
And I couldn't get in on the last Christmas with nothing to offer, or any money.
Some really nice TRF'r just ordered some knifes, so I guess I'll go for it.
My wish list will be made up sometime soon and sent onto PaPa Elf.
I trust MaMa elf is treating you well! And vise-versa!
I'm in again and here is my "wish list":

TRF Handle: Sandeja1

Estes Der Red Max
Estes Mega Mosquito
Estes Executioner
Semroc Ranger
Semroc Shrike
Newway Vigilangle
Quest Big Betty
Quest Big Dog
Odd&#8217;l Rockets Break-Away
Jolly Logic Altimeter 2
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I'm in again and here is my "wish list":

TRF Handle: Sandeja1
Real [ SNIP ]

Estes Der Red Max
Estes Mega Mosquito
Estes Executioner
Semroc Ranger
Semroc Shrike
Newway Vigilangle
Quest Big Betty
Quest Big Dog
Odd’l Rockets Break-Away
Jolly Logic Altimeter 2

Probably best not to leave all your personal details here where they can be picked up by every passing search engine.

Thanks for that! Doh!

Just copied the e-mail I had sent to OP and forgot to "edit" it before pasting it here. Just took out the non-pertinent info.

Thanks again!
Glad to hear that you survived the wedding! :)

Sent the email, but I'll post the wishlist as well.


LOC: Any of the Parkflyer kits look like fun

Eggtimer: Wifi Switch, Quantum, Eggfinder*

Squirrelworks, Fliskits, and Pemberton all have fun looking stuff. I really like oddball designs.*

Estes PSII stuff, or complex builds are fun.*

Wildman kits..*

Aeropack 98mm flange retainer*

Just some ideas, feel free to come up with something you think I'd like.*
Here is the official list of people whom I have gotten e-mails from saying they want to be Secret Santas in July!


Updated May 12, 2017
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In again, and thanks for doing this.

Jolly Logic Chute Release
North Coast North Hawk R/C Glider
Spektrum As6410L DSMX-6-Ch Ultra Micro Receiver
RSR LJ II, Atlas AVi22, Delta II, Delta IV Heavy, Delta IV Medium 5+4
Deltie Thunder Glider (if any still exsist)
Centuri PNC-167 older heavy one piece cone
Gift Cards/Certificates (towards purchase of any of above or supplies)