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Mar 8, 2017
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Hello, names Daniel. New to the forums and am excited to be here. I am working on designing my two stage rocket and am wondering, what would be the best method for in-direct ignition of the second stage. My plan was to use a perfect flite timer but wasnt sure if it would put out enough juice to light the igniter. Thank you in advance!
I use the aux channel on an RRC3 for sustainer ignition.
Others options are a MARSA54, Telemega or a Raven.
in-direct: not being lit by the first stage ejection charge, but by another source
Whichever altimeter you use, please do set it up to trigger on altitude, or speed or even better, altitude before a time cutoff, rather than just time from liftoff detection. Over the past few years, several people have gotten seriously hurt by airstart motors that were triggered by a false liftoff detection + a timer. Also, even without a false lifttoff detection, a pure timer could still ignite the second stage after a CATO of the booster, with the upper stage pointed in any random direction (including back toward you)
+1 on that. You NEED to be sure that it's going to be pointed up when the second stage lights.