SEARS 572 Mass CD Rocket Launch and Spool/Saucer demo

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Apr 29, 2003
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The CD rocket is perhaps the simplest and cheapest rocket around. We will hold another mass launch at the April 3rd SEARS 572 Launch in Samson, AL. Let's see if we can get 24 in the air. With the flipping of the CDs on decent it will be impressive. On the mass launch lets stick to A/B/C motors. Use a -0 motor or the shortest delay so they do not eject on the ground.

Also please bring any saucer or spool rocket you would like to demo. For the saucer/spool demo no limits.

This time lets have a $1.00 donation entry fee per rocket. The closest CD to the pad will draw from a pool of kits. If you would like to donate CD rockets to the club we will offer them for sale at future launches.

I have my CD rocket shown in the gallery at

You can see it has a standard CD (usually AOL) and a BT 20 motor tube. The BT 20 is 2 3/8 inches long. There is a launch lug on the side. There will need to be an extra hole drilled in the CD to let the launch rod go through. The BT 20 is centered over the center hole on the CD I used CA to tack it down and then put a fillet of hot glue on the outside. The center hole of the CD acts as a motor stop.

If you have alternative instructions please post a reply on the forum.

The mass launches are fun. I will double check the ignition system before this launch. Please be careful not to have a short between your clips as that could prevent a bank of rockets from launching. And yes lets go for 24 on the first try.

TRF folks are welcome to attend! Note new launch site is is 500 acres sod farm at Samson, AL


Greg Lane
Hot glue doesn't sound like a good idea to me, because the heat of the motor is quite likely to re-soften/melt the glue. Maybe use plain ol' white glue instead? Weight isn't an issue with this design [read: they have none!] so loading up the adhesives isn't going to hurt... I realize that you are pretty much only going for a one-time-only kind of deal but safety first, right?!

Just my $0.02...

BTW, for your NEXT month's launch, might I suggest a bunch of Art Applewhite's free 13mm Qubits! Great thing about those is that you could have everyone build & decorate some right there on the field! They take less than 15 minutes to go from sheet of paper to flyable rocket :)

Well hot glue has done well on my CD. But yes I would not generally recommend it. A member had Qubits at the last launch and it certainly woud be a candidate. I think we might go up to 48 at a time for those.