SEARS 572 "Caution Mass Rocket Launch In Progress" Raffle

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Apr 29, 2003
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The Deuce's Wild Mass launch in February
produced so much on the field excitement and national publicity that SEARS 572 will go for another club record. A mass launch of up to 24 rockets will be attempted at the March 6th launch. The paper rocket "Caution Rocket Launch In Progress" has been chosen. It can be downloaded free of charge from the FlisKit website and printed out for construction.

Jim Flis of FlisKits has donated an Acme Spitfire kit for the raffle. The entry in the raffle will require that you build at least one "Caution Rocket Launch In Progress" and donate at least one dollar to the club as entry fee. Let's make room for everyone on the first mass launch. Winner will be determined by drawing after the launch.

We will do a second mass launch that is open to any kind of paper rocket. Entry fee is $1.00 and we will draw for a Fliskit Deuce's Wild Kit after the launch.

If you are an TRFer that can attend please let me know how many you can bring.


Greg Lane
SEARS 572 President
John Hansel of Lynn Haven FL has completed the 24 rod launch pad for the "Caution Rocket Launch in Progress" Mass Launch.

Build it and they will come!

I'm hoping to come Greg. I'll bring a least 2 Cautions, maybe more depending on how many kids I bring with me.
I'll also have some Midnight Expresses for the 2nd launch.