SEARS 572 "Caution Mass Rocket Launch In Progress" Raffle

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Apr 29, 2003
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A Mass launch of up to 24 "Caution Rocket Launch In Progress" rockets is planned at SEARS 572 March 6, 2004 Headland AL Launch. Entrants will be put in a raffle for a FlisKit Acme Spitfire donated by Jim Flis of FlisKits.

Thanks Jim!

See for details.

Greg Lane
SEARS 572 President
this is going to be SO kewl :)

make sure you have a lot of cameras pointed at that launch! High resolution too! want to make sure we get a couple of great shots.

suggestion, also have someone with a camera pointed into the sky to capture them high up :)

Let me know how the turn out is and keep watch on our site and I hope to have a little blub on it this weekend.

See what you've started Eugenio and Jason??? :D

What did I do now!?! Do I have to go in to time-out? :(

Wow...24 CRLIP's at once! (How the heck do you pronounce that?! Maybe "Kra-Lip" ?) That oughta be really cool! Lotsa pics, please!

Prounounced "CLIP", the "R" is silent... :p :p (don't you know *nuttin*? :rolleyes: )

I was thinking the same thing when i put that thing up LOL
CLIP?! Nah, I don't think so. If ya did it *that* way, the name of the rocket would be, "Caution: Launch In Progress." That just doesn't have the same ring as, "Kra-Lip!" :D :D :D

Jim, do you realize you are less than five posts away from THREE THOUSAND?! I've got a LONG way to go yet... ;)

The mass launch of Caution: Rocket Launch in Progress Rockets was held at the March 6th SEARS 572 launch in Headland AL. We had 22 rockets on the 24 rod pad. It took two salvos; 13 and then 9 rockets as there was a malfunction of one bank of the ignition system. The initial set of pictures is at

Jim Flis donated a FlisKit Acme Spitfire. We had a raffle among the mass launch partipants and Chase Hansel of Lynn Haven won the kit.

We had some variation in the color shemes and later in the day a two stage caution rocket appeared.

We had full particpation of the club in this project including TARC students. We did enjoy building and flying the Caution. It is a great product Jim thanks for providing it as a free download.

Greg Lane
SEARS 572 President
I just looked at the pix! INCREDIBLE!

Would it be possible to get HI-RES versions emailed to me??