Searching for zip-cord (aka: mono-cord, speaker wire, shooting wire)

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Jul 28, 2004
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Hello everyone,

I’m searching for zip-cord (aka: mono-cord, speaker wire, shooting wire, dbl hookup, rainbow cable, ribbon cable) specifically looking for solid copper, 26 gauge (Smaller the better down to 28, but will settle for 24 or 22). I’m looking for brightly colored insulation, yellow, orange, red, etc… anything except for clear. My usual supplier doesn't carry it anymore the vender discontinued the product. I would like a 1000’ roll, or so. I use to pay about $0.03 a foot and I’m having a hard time finding it at any price now.

Can anyone direct me to a resource?

cat :confused:

PS: my email address is “spam1 at tigerfiles dot com”
If you don't mind black, digikey part number C7023708-1000-ND is 1000' of 24 awg solid paired conductors (cat 2 telephone wire). At $22.84/roll, it's 2.2 cents/foot.

Otherwise, most of the ribbon cable these days is multi-strand, not solid. I suppose you could
buy single conductors and build your own two-conductor cable if you really needed to.
It looks like seminole wire wants you to buy in bulk.. any ideas on how much they run?

have you tried Allied electionics on-line @ I've had good luck on special orders with these folks. If they don't have a specific item, they've gone out of there way to try to find/add it to a special order. sometimes takes awhile but they found some off the wall stepping relays for me that had been discontinued for years. I haven't actually looked for 26ga solid copper zip wire, give their catalog a look you may get lucky;)
Seminole wire does deal in bulk. you can get a 1000' roll there for 1/2 of what you will pay most anywhere else.

Call them, if you want the wire.

David Bachelder
There was a guy on the auction site of Rocketry Online that ran a fireworks and pyro company. I bought a 1000' roll of bright pink 22 ga. shooting wire for about 25.00 plus shipping. I'm sure if you post over there he'd show up. I just wish I could find his e-mail address... sorry.