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Plans for the original Estes Attack Craft Orion can be found here:

Open Rocket file is attached to play with the numbers for engine selection, though only an approximation of the nosecone is included.

The stl files for 3D printing the nosecone are here:

The stl files for printing the thrust-ring, spacer and spacer/engine retainer are here:

Pattern for a wing alignment jig is attached as pdf. It'll work for the Estes kit, too.

Vector art to cut the fins from 3/32 balsa is an attached svg file.

And the decals are attached as pdf, ready to laser print onto waterslide decal paper.


  • ScratchCraftOrion.ork
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  • SCO_Fin_Alignment_Jig.pdf
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  • SCO_Fin_Cuts_V3_Inkscaped.svg
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  • SCO17 Letter Print Double Decal Set V3.pdf
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The little guy - the X-75 uses the same thrust ring and 24mm nosecone from the links above, with the fins also from 3/32-inch balsa, but the cut lines scaled down 75%. No engine retention cap for this one, just taping the base of the engine for a snug fit with the body tube.

It's Open Rocket plans and decal sheet are attached.


  • X75-LetterSizePrint_Decal_Set.pdf
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  • X75_Orion_parachute.ork
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  • X-75_Fin_Alignment_Jig.pdf
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