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Scratch Built PML 6" prefiberglassed based rocket (w/o nose cone)

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Peter Cadra

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May 8, 2010
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I am trying to raise some cash for other rocketry stuff by selling my Scratch Built PML 6" prefiberglassed based rocket (w/o nose cone).

$150 / obo - field delivery at LDRS on April 8.

The specs are as follows:

6" x 12" payload bay
6" x 36" upper airframe
6" x 24" lower airframe
6" x 48" booster (3 fins, 98mm motor mount)
6" x 12" avionics bay

This rocket with a 6" PML fiberglass nosecone (not included) has flown to 15000 ft on an AT N-3300R several times and to 5000 ft on an AT M-1297W several times.

Please note that this is not a turn key rocket and will need parachutes, harnesses, altimeters and motor retention before it can be flown.

Thanks for looking! 6 in rocket for sale.jpg