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Bone Daddy

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Oct 3, 2009
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This is the three engine cluster bird with CD fins I've been working on. She's finally ready to fly. She'll get her first shot at the sky next Saturday at the DARS club launch.

I checked out her stability using the open source program that was mentioned in a previous thread. I built her with 3 C6-3s in mind, but am planning her maiden voyage with 3 B6-2s.

Does this sound reasonable? Not sure how much she weighs. I'll get her on a scale next week.

Disco Queen Post.jpg

Disco Queen Rear End Post.jpg

Disco Queen Nosecone Post.jpg

Disco Queen Fins Post.jpg
Forgot to ask..............

What kind of chock cord should I use? I have a robust kevlar cord to one of the engine mounts.