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May 15, 2009
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This will be the build thread for my new project: Trigon. This should be a pretty in depth build report of the rocket, I will post progress and set backs and may often ask for help. Which is exactly, unfortunately, how I must start this build off, seeking help:

For whatever reason when I try to load a flight simulation in RS9 it keeps telling me that the rocket never left the ground and suggests adding more thrust. Well the rocket only weighs 2.7oz with a C6-7 loaded. An Estes Astrovision with a C6-7 loaded weighs 4.1oz and launches fine. There must be something else going on. I want to get a successful simulated flight before I move this onto the next construction phase.




Very Cool! :cool:

The only thing that comes to mind is that maybe with all the surface area, there's too much drag for the motor. Try messing around with the drag coefficient, or try popping a D10 in there and seeing if it will fly and how much altitude it gets... :confused2:

Good luck, looking forward to the progression.
Thanks Buckaroo! That seems to have fixed that issue, I was hoping that a C6 variant for cost/local availability but oh well. I also chose to increase the length of the main body tube by an inch (from 5in to 6in) to give a little more room for a parachute and wadding. I like the looks of the shorter main body tube though, maybe I’ll take this as a opportunity when it comes time to experiment with different parachute designs/materials.

I had a similar problem with something I'm playing with, unfortunately I don't remember what exactly fix it. try changing things until you can get it to fly then slowly bring it back to the original configuration. I had to do a couple of revisions to get it to work. Also it may work better if you turn the larger body tubes into ring fins.

By the way welcome to the forum, you can post the rocksim file for others to see. I'd take a look at it but I'm away from my rocksim computer and wouldn't be able to work on it for some time. also there are others around here who's rocksim voodoo is way better than mine
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