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Feb 6, 2009
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Been working on this one off and on for awhile. Inspired by the Arapaho E. :D

18mm motors
BT55 air frame
22.5" long

Just waiting for a nice day to fly it.


I like it! I like it a lot!

When's it going to be available?
Very nice. Go ahead and kit that one up. If that happens, I can seriously see me spending my monthly rocket allowance at the Inflight site. I have been tempted to get both the clones and original designs at the site. I am almost thankful that you cannot keep some of those kits in stock.

--- Ron
Hey Ray, hopefully this makes it into your kit line. But, if it doesn't - would you be willing to offer the decals up for sale on your site, or release them to someone for sale?
This one will be going into the kit line in the near future. There are a couple of kits in front of this one so hang tight.

We got some great flight tests done today. Results were better than expected. :cheers: