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Scrap of 7.5" cardboard tube

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Jan 19, 2009
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I would like to build an upscale Estes Sprite and am in need of material for the ring fin. To be specific I need enough 7.5" cardboard tubing to cut a 2.3" section out of.

Does anyone have a scrap of 7.5" tubing to donate to my cause? I would be glad to reimburse you for shipping and/or trade you something out of my scrap bin - although my scrap bin is not very exciting.
Funny you ask, was going through some junk yesterday, I have about 2 or 3 feet of it. it is actually coupler tube, so it is very thick, and could use some sort of finish on it (it does not have any glassine layer) I am in southern utah. you pay shipping its yours!

Cut it small enough it will fit in a usps flatrate box thats like 6 or 8 bucks in the US
Now, when you cut off what you need and don't want the rest by any chance I just happen to need some 7.5 coupler to put two pieces together. 15" or so of it would do just fine:hohoho:
I'd be glad to share. I'll send you a PM.
...can you save the dust from sawing this tube so I can use it as filler?

JK. It is great to see folks helping each other. I tend to be a pack rat so all my detritus tends to just get shoved out of the way and falls into obscurity. Sometimes I will get into that sort of obsessed mode and spend hours searching for something because I know I have it and don't want to spend $0.50 for another....

Maybe I should peruse the "wanted" forum and see about getting things back into circulation.