Scracth built... "underconstruction"

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Apr 8, 2004
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Well here are the pics. The bottom trans. Is done...sanded, filled ready to be primed the top two are still in the drying process. so far its about 30 inches tall
from bottom to nose tip.
The whole thing only weight 1oz. so far. but thats w/o the motor mount added.
When its all said and done it will fly on Three 1/2A3-2T's.
It will deploy two 12 in. chutes in the middle section (second from bottom) This section will split apart in the middle instead of the transition coming apart.

Check back soon Ill have finished picks before painting and priming soon.
Thanks to all that helped me with the transition thing.

Hey, the rocket looks good.
But. Um. I'm not sure... uh, how to say this, but, uh.... your, uh, your avitar.
Um. Well. I think there may be something disturbing about it. On many levels. So, so, so many levels.
Not to me of course, I find it humorous, but that may say something about me. Not sure what eactly, but...
Well, anyway.
Have a good one,
when its all done its will be about 3 in short of 3 ft tall.
here the cad pic....