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Jun 26, 2004
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Well I am finally getting around to this Talon from Scott Glass. I guess it has been sitting around for 5 years. I plan to have dual deployment with a 38mm mount. I guess I will go with an I motor to start.
Has anyone built one of these. If so, any tips.

My dad and I are currently building the Hawk Mountain Talon, which is an adaptation of the scotglas kit. I don't know what's exactly, different, but they are very close... As for tips... Um... You may want expanding foam to really lock the small fins into the tailcone. Apart from that, the HM kit is pretty straight forward..

Note: Almost everything i said was from the hawk kit, so, if your is pretty different, just ignore that. :D

Dennis, the Talon's a terrible kit. You should probably sell it to me and build a LOC EZI-65 or something. ;)

I've got a buddy who flies one and I'm very jealous. The only problem w/ his is that he built it zipperless and can't load really long motors (older kosdons) into it. Make sure you've got clearance for the longest motor you plan to fly. If you build it zipperless, you may want to modify the "plug" so the motor can come through.

have fun and post pictures!

Okay, I just looked at the scotglas kit. Yep, something! The only difference is that while that seems to have PML phenolic tubing, the hawk-mountain is 54 mm and all fiberglass. Yeah, great kit. :) Be sure to get the sets of fins perfectly in line with each other...
Wow, looks like this might be something!

Right now I plan to add a PML CPR kit. The older one.

I guess I will also use the pistons although I hear some have had problems with these although I have not.

I set it up for a 38mm but I bet a 54mm would be hot. I guess I will go up to a J350 with it since this would be my cert 2 rocket.

If interested I will take some pictures.

Anyone try foaming the nosecone?
Originally posted by lovs3fly
I set it up for a 38mm but I bet a 54mm would be hot. I guess I will go up to a J350 with it since this would be my cert 2 rocket.
Go for the J570, just in case. The 38/1080 case is 19.2". (the J420 is a cool load too...) There are other 38mm cases that are even longer.....
The Hawk kit came with a cone that has a payload tube in it, so no foaming here...

I think you'll really want to 54-ify it... There are only a couple of 38's that hawk recommends. If your kit weighs 10 pounds when done, an I284 will get 1877. a J420 will get 2355, and a J570 will get 4239.. A K185 get to 7274.. :) The 54 will hold a Kosdon L. That's 11,028 feet and mach 1.42. :D