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May 10, 2011
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I went into Ray and Robins hobby center with my mom to get some paint for my sisters school project (I didnt say I was planning on getting motors, but I think my mom guessed it...), and lo and behold I saw 6 G80-4Ts, 3 F25-4Ws, 4 packs of E18-4Ws, and an E16-4w!!! Guess who stocked up???? I got 2 F25s and the E16. Unfortuanately thats all the money I had. But.... Theres a catch... I told my dad about all the G80s, and I think we might just be going back there this weekend....:D ;)

The G80s are really cool... They have a yellow end cap at the forward end that looks like the new F20s. Did anyone know they were doing anything new on the G80s?

These are all new shipments, because I go in there on a monthly/weekly basis, and they never had those motors... So we might go back and get a coupla G80s and maybe another F25-4W. And, if one a ya feels like letting us borrow a 24/40 reload case for a few flights on the 17th at CMASS.... We might get some E18s....

The prices on the motors....:

F25s: $15.95
G80s: $18.90
E18 3 packs: $14.95
E18 single pack: $4.95 (I dunno why they have a single pack there... Anyone ever get a single pack before? are they specail? ;))

I only had $36 to spend, so I kinda went broke, and I also owe my mom $5 now... Oh well. We have to put in a fence soon, and I am gettin lotsa cash-money for that....:cool: :D Ill be able to buy every motor in Ray and Robins before ya know it! And maybe some BTs as well....

The guy behind the counter is NOT a rocketeer. Hes brilliant when it comes to RC planes and cars, but he cant identify an AT motor. I asked him what AT motors he haad.... He goes to the place where the AT motors are, TOUCHES an AT motor, and says "sorry, I think were all outta stock". I say "arent those AT motors?" "Well whaddaya know???????" LOL!!!!!! I almost cracked up right then and there. It was hilarious. he even moved aside the entire stock of AT motors in his search for his stock of AT motors, and came up empty!! Oh dear... Someone needs to brush up on thier motor identification skills, methinks.:eek:

well, I just wanted to gloat about my motor purchase. If anyone needs E18s or G80s and want me to snag em for em and bring em to CMASS, just holler.:D ;) :eek:

I now have the following AT motors:

3 F25s
1 F21
2 E16s
5 G64s
1 E15

My dad has:
1 E16
1 E15

Hes gonna get some more next time we go to Ray and Robins, though.:D
On the G80, is that a yellow paper cap... or does it use the new closure that the F20's now use?

Are you going to buy one? I would like to take a look at that...
good deal... i wish i chould find more motors around :rolleyes:, but now that AT is shipping more again i may have to call the only shop in the area that sells AT motors to see if they got more :D
just one quesiton... what are you going to use a G80-4 in?? that is one short delay for that motor... it have to be a heavy/draggy rocket for sure;) mabye in something with a 38/29mm adapter tho.........
Yeah... when I hit a squirrel on the way to the launch ;)

I never heard a skidmark... I am hoping to see one at Whitakers. Ken Allen will have the K Skidmark in stock... Maybe if I get enoungh donations... I'll stick one of those in my Magnum :D
yeah BTs due make a thud and skidmarks definantly do I like the skidmark thump better.

Bye bye Magnum