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Jan 21, 2009
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Penns Creek, PA
Finsihed my Scissior Wing. I Airfoiled the wings and built it light as possible. Got some white paint chipping off it already during indoor trim tests because I did not add any primer to the body. Also had a problem with glue not sticking to the plastic, but I think I finally got the hub and cap to stay in place with epoxy. The rubber band is not powerful enough to reliably deploy the wings so I replaced the rubber band with an o-ring :p Works like a charm :p. Good thing I got an unopened pack of B6-2's :p


Looking good! I remember having a trying time with the wing deployment on my own SWT. Have a blast flying it.
Does that thing glide in? If it does, take some pictures. I would like to see that.

Andrew From Texas
Flew it today. I tried hand tossing the glider to test the trim but could not get it to glide at all, it just wanted to flop around. I could not toss it with enough speed to get it to glide. So I decided to brave it and launch it and see what it does. Worse case, it will red baron in. Thankfully it did not. It Glided. Had a steep decent but it was gliding. I was so excited I shouted "It Glides! It Glides!" and the guy next to me thought it was funny :p.
Nice looking scissor-wing. I love watching a successful deploy & glide. It is capable of quite good glides. After adding a fair amount of tail weight to mine, I get consistently good glides, though soot residue build-up does tend to require tweaking the tail weight. The B6-2 is the only motor I fly it on. You may want to beef up the pivot stop, it has a tendency to snap off if it hits the wing on landing.
Love the Scissor Wing. I remember the original one from when I was a kid but never had one, so when they came out with the reissue my son and I built it. My 2 complaints are the decals don't stick well and the rubber band they give you is no good if you just put it on as directed. A trick I used to solve this was after I put the band on the 2 posts, I wrapped it around one of the posts again. That made it tight enough to work right. On mine I had to add considerable weight to the tail section but it glides really well, much better than my Estes Space shuttle orbiter. Overall a neat rocket that is a nice departure from the average 3 and 4 FNC that typically show up at our launches.

Alway loved the scissor wing transport: it's been one of my all time favorite gliders along with the Crusader SwingWing.
As I recall it was a Scissor Wing that gave me my first "quarified" B-BG flight many moons ago after failing repeatedly with more conventional BG's.
I've like it so much I even downscaled it to MicroMaxx T3 body size. Both standard and micro are really fun flying.

MM 299lp01e-sm_MM ScissorWingTrans 4pi flt_10-21-06.jpg