Scientists Shed New Light on Knots

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Dec 4, 2016
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The study focus on the short-duration, sudden movements caused by running shoes--and how those impact a knots holding power. The study has applications in a variety of fields, including quite possibly hobby rocketry.

The complete study was published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society, and can be viewed here:

After reading most of this report it has very little to do with actual KNOT Strenght. When looking at tying simple shoe lace knots there is really very little to connect the reports finding to the actual Holding strength of most specific purpose tied Knots. Bowline, Sheet Bend, 2-Half Hitches, Sheep Shank, Butterfly, etc. I don't know of a single Application in Model or Mid Power Rocketry where a Shoelace knot would have any purpose at all.
True enough. But understanding how a shoelace knot comes untied, and the forces that contribute to that have applications in literally any field that relies on knots. Plus it's enjoyable to learn new things.