Scenes from the Blurzz Motor Works

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More banging and grinding noises!! Lots of swearing!! "Boss Man wants a CLUSTER!!!!" More swearing!!! What does "24mm" mean???:confused: :confused:
4 x 24mm?
Wow, that thing is gonna haul.
Get it? Haul. Ha, I crack me up.
Man, that looks awesome. Wish I could see her go.
Good luck.

WOW! Thats sweet! A 4x24mm cluster , hmmm might just have to pinch that idea ;)
I just saw this thread... I saw the first pic... "Ok... This is BillEblurzz.... It should be interesting". Second pic: "OH MAN!!! ARE THOSE MOTOR MOUNTS ON THERE!?!?!?!??!?!?!?" The rest I was just laughing my head off....

This is too great! I cant wait to see it go~!!!! Its gonna go lik e mad, thats for sure!!! be sure to get good pics, now!!!

You shoulda canted teh motors like a Duece.... That woulda been too cool!!!:D :cool: :) ;)
"Hey Mac, why did we just GUT this sleeper compartment?" "J. B. we had to make room for those PIPES the boss man wanted SHOVED up into it!!" "Man, that must be SOME kind of NEW waste management system!!" " Well Mac, boss man does kinda get DIARRHEA OF THE MOUTH when he talks 'bout them dang ROCKETS!!!" "J.B., you know some DUDE over in ALABAMA said he was NUTS!!!" "AWW, what does HE know!!" "J. B., is TODAY some kind of HOLIDAY?" "Well, not for US. Now hand me that MANIFOLD!!! For whatever reason, boss man wants all the JAKE BRAKE he can GET!!!";) ;)
"Mac, come on back! That's it! Where did THAT come from?" "J.B. , Mr. Blurzz left early this morning....said he got a good DEAL on a tanker-trailer....brought it all the way back from PENSACOLA with this ole pickup!!! He said to back it into the shop. I dunno, it FEELS like it has SOMETHING in it!!!" " Oh Mac, I got a BAD feeling about THIS!!!!":( :( :(
"J.B. are you SURE today isn't some SPECIAL? day?" "Naw man, we just two working guys!!" "J.B., I don't know anything about this NEW EQUIPMENT!!! Does Mr. Blurzz have ANY sense?" "Yeah Mac,....about 2 CENTS!!!!" "I guess that guy in ALABAMA wuz right!!!" "Remember when he took us on that camping trip a few years ago? And remember what he was like when the Park Service said he could shoot those little dinky ROCKETS at our campsite?"......"J.B. I SEE what you mean!!!":D :D
Originally posted by powderburner
What exactly is a 'Jake brake?'

It's when a driver shifts down in order to slow his truck. It is illegal in some places because it is very loud.
Lol. This is hilarious.
U.S. Navy Rocket Fuel?

Tell J.B. and the boys to get back to work so we can see this thing fly, er, I mean roll. ;)
What do they think this is, some kind of stinkin holiday?
Mechanics up at the CRACK of DAWN! "JB., Mr. Blurzz said to PULL these F-1 engines.... they don't seem to fit!" (muffled voice from engine bell)"All FIVE of them?" "Yea JB. he is going to use 4 24mm Estes engines----do the work of 5 of these dinky F-1s. Estes engines are more powerful than ROCKETDYNES!!!" (muffled voice from engine bell)"Mac, what's a SATURN?" "JB, I think THAT went to the MOON!" (muffled voice)"Mac, I thought THAT was one of them PLANETS?" " Yea JB. THAT too! Ya know, I see another of them PLANETS!" (muffled voice)"Oh yeah, which one?" "I thought it was the MOON....BUT now I see it's UR-ANUS!!!:D (muffled voice)"You sure?" "Well it sure ain't the CRACK OF DAWN!!!!"
Meanwhile behind the scenes, the REAL work continues... if this was an ARTSY movie, these would be SUBLIMINAL scenes. Centering rings....can't ever get enough! Need to make this project SAFE...well, how SAFE can a 4x24mm 3 1/4 lb. LAND SHARK be!:rolleyes:
BACK to JB. and Mac.... Mr. Blurzz told them to "Take the rig out! Let'r rip! Then try out the JAKE BRAKE and the NEW BRAKING SYSTEM!!".........I don't think THIS! is what he had in mind!!!!:D
reminds me of a trucK i saw on the discovery channel, it had 3 jet engines on it, pretty amazing, it raced and airplane and the truck won.

although this only had 3 engines LOL
Ya know, I'm betting Jeff Foxworthy would pay top money for material like this..

Please keep it going..very funny !
JB. admires his completed motor mount. Not bad! It seems pretty stout....plywood bulkhead extending through sleeper compartment. Hmm, that opening above the sleeper....might make a good ejection-gas hatch to contain the chute!!! Would have to seal sleeper compartment and add unsightly engine hooks.:( Just go with plugged engines and use tail-hook to snag chute at end of run...for now! Would be neat to actually eject chute though!:D
the SHOCK-WAVE II: The motor tubes will be chromed, racing wheels with steel hubs (if they ever come in) will be changed out, solid front axle from music wire 1/8", and some kind of steel cable for guide-wire to be worked out!:confused: Might begin tests with short-burn 24mm in 2-opposed motor configurations first. Those E9 3-sec. burn motors are awesome in land vehicles but we better slowly work up to those!;)
Yes Ryan, that Discovery Channel show was maybe the impetus for this. If this works, one of my R/C plane friends wants to have a race like that! We were going to race my E-powered Blurzz racers, but they were just TOO FAST! This would be more like that show anyway! I can only IMAGINE the SOUND this rig will make!!!:D I hope we can make a video something like this:
Welcome to WTNT 105.5, your explosive FM. This is Dreyfus and the Turd, and today we've caught wind *fffffffffftttttttt* "no not that kind Turd..of a newsworthy story to make the great Evil Knieval proud. We go to our man in the field..Eric St. John, are you there ? "

*Hic*..who's talking to me..huh ?..God, is that you ?

"No Eric, this is Dreyfus and the Turd in the morning..whats the situation out there with that new fangled rocketsemi ?"

Dryfus ?..whod *hic* name their child dryfus..this is you god, your pulling my leg ain't ya ?"

*fffffffffffffftttttttt* ..Huh ?..OHH..hey Turd how ya doing ?.

..Oh, yo Drey, its cool man, this team has got a full Semi *Hic* here with rockets on the back..*hic* I've had the chance to see her up close and personal, and whoo-boy that things gonna fly. See, right now theys got 4 engines, and mymymy, it looks like somebody been hitting the shine a bit heavy...wish i'd thought of it myself. *hic*

See, their still working out the whole thang, but ya know what'd be sweet, is to have a chute coming out under the airfoil on top, withn maybe an inner chamber to hold all the *ffffffffffffffttttttttttt* gas..*hic* from the driver"

Anyways I's off to find me some shine, and check out that there plane theys got..momma said she needed some groceries and that'll get me there quick. I'm *hic* out...

Ok Eric, that was Eric St. John reporting from the scene, now we start off this next hour of music with C.B. McCoy's Convoy.....
Originally posted by Blue_Ninja_150
It's when a driver shifts down in order to slow his truck. It is illegal in some places because it is very loud.

It's more than just downshifting. Behold: How Stuff Works: Jake Brake. In summary, it turns your engine into an air compressor driven by the wheels, and releases the compressed air as soon as it's squished, and that's what causes the bowling-ball-down-a-washboard sound.

Traditionally associated with big rigs, after yesterday's Bahrain Grand Prix, I think Jake Brakes will be all the rage in next year's Formula One championship. Disc brakes just don't cool fast enough in the desert!

How you'd apply a Jake Brake to a rocket engine, I don't know. Maybe if it were liquid fueled, and you had the wheels turn the turbopumps backwards, sucking air in through the nozzle and dumping it overboard. I dunno. I'll shut up now. :D
Originally posted by Justy
. . . yesterday's Bahrain Grand Prix . . .

I think as boring as the past few years have been (Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael, ---------) it is going to be pretty exciting when Ferrari finally changes out drivers. Wanna make any bets on how many more years Michael sticks around (he's getting pretty old for an F1 guy)?
Heres my first 'Rocket-Car' project , suitable for 2 or 4 D motors!