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Scans of the HI-Flier XL (3226) Fins and Decals (w/ruler)

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Mar 27, 2013
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No points on guessing what .ork I'm working on now...

Anybody got an unbuilt HI-Flier XL that they can scan?

hi Jim. hope this will suffice for the decals the paper that they're on is 12.7cm wide(my bad for not knowing to have a dark background, only the third time I've used that feature of the printer :)). sorry I don't have the fins/matrix handy to scan, but I can tell you that, by definition it isn't an upscale (per say), the body is longer and the fins are roughly 90% of a true upscale (both of which adds to the stability as well as saves on balsa). had I not done much the same with my xxl version I might not have noticed.

View attachment hifxldecal.pdf
I think I have one in the pile, should be able to help. I still owe you some Max stuff anyway, so better dig out the scanner :)
Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the replies. The scan of the fin matrix should work, once I can print it. Rex, your image of the decals is a bit rough to use, I can clean it up though, and that'll take time. So, if someone (like Woody) wants to try again, I'd be receptive of that.

Sorry I haven't had time to respond to PM's from anyone, I'm sick as a dog, and just got done with work for the week. I'm so looking forward to sleeping (so long as I don't have any more fever dreams).

Thanks All!! Stay Healthy!
HiFlier XL Decals.jpg

Are these decals any better? I could also upload a PDF...it seems that in the processing of uploading them to this site, it is compressing the file.