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Nov 24, 2009
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Hello all,

I just bought a Quest X15 kit and of course want it bigger with more power. I am thinking of going from the 35mm BT to a 66mm BT (189% bigger). Can I just place the fins and wings on my printer and dial it to 189% mag and then use this for a template? I am going to go with a 24mm MMT to run E-15s and will ck. my CP and CG. Thoughts?
Should work just fine. Just make sure you scale the thickness of the fin stock so that you get the thickness where you want it too.
Photographic scaling should work as long as you also note the cg location of the original design, figure out the upscale location, and ballast the nose to get the new cg at least that far forward.

If you are upscaling the fin thickness, I recommend that you put a nice round leading edge on the aft fins to improve their effectiveness. If the "wings" are aft of the new cg (and contribute to stability of your upscale) then you should round those leading edges too.
Thanks for the input. I am very new to this and need all the help I can get! I got bit by the bug and am looking into all kinds of projects. You guys are great with assistance.