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Sep 23, 2012
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I would like to get a scale to weigh stuff for rocketry but not sure what to get. Seems like most of them are meant for kitchen use. What are you folks using? Is it possible to get one that would measure small amounts such as epoxy, blackpowder and hopefully, eventually ingredients for ex motors but also measure heavier things like an entire rocket? It doesn't matter to me if it's digital or mechanical. Thanks!
This thread has some good info:

Generally, scales that can measure small values very precisely will have an upper limit of how much they can weigh. You'll have to, uh, weigh your different requirements and choose.

On the other hand, the darn things are so cheap that it's not that bit a deal if you need one to measure tenths of a gram and then another to weigh pounds (just guessing that if you're doing EX stuff your rockets may be a bit on the larger side). Best to start with the thread linked above, and then look through Amazon listings to see what fits your needs best.
I have one that goes to 100g by 0.01g, another that goes to 1kg by 0.2g; and a larger pair that are the hanging hook type.