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Discussion in 'Scale' started by alexzogh, Apr 21, 2011.

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    Dave A

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    Here is my 9" patriot.
    Nose: 1 of 2 I have from some local guys in the Culpeper Club
    It's fiberglass so it has 4" QT running from the tip to about 12" from the shoulder.
    The nose had very little shoulder so I added about a 6" of tubing to make the nose a little more to scale. It has (like every other nose 6" or larger has the bulkplate up inside the shoulder to house the MW WRC2 for main backup.
    Airframe: 9" of generic tubing that is as porous as a hand towel. I acquired these over 12 years ago from Ken Allen. an acquaintance of his was starting out making nose cones, tubes and such. I had him glass wrap them and he did and finished it gelcoat. I stretched a chunk of airfram sleeve material and added to thin layers of epoxy. Finish came out grea and they are stout.
    Fins: 1/2" baltic birch through to the motor assembly.
    Motor mount: 1 - 98mm and 8- 38mm outboards (2 are reserved for timer modules.)
    Got some vinyl lettering and painted ALL of it with Krylon

    Flew several weeks ago at BattlePark 2016 in Culpeper.

    Patriot- rear.jpg Dave on Patriot Rail.jpg 1213.jpg

    1244 (1).jpg

    Slowed Flight from BattlePark on an AT - M1850W reload in an 8000n Loki case.

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