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rocket trike

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Nov 5, 2002
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We are thinking about trying some sclae Model rocket kits. We are looking at 3 right now. I want to post them here to see if there is any interest in them. They will be all low power kits. These are 3 rockets We think are pretty kool looking and we have not seen. Let us know if there is any interest. Also what kind of price would you be willing to pay for one of these kits.

The first is the Martin SSM-A-12/M4/MGM-18 Lacrosse. This was a short-range Ballistic Missile deployed by the U.S. Army in the late 1950's.
The next one would be the Nord SS.10/MGM-21. This was a French wire guide anti tank missile. It was tested by the US army in 1954.
SWEEET! I would snatch one of those up in a heartbeat and a half! Now about building it...that's a different issue.

"Too many projects...gotta finish the ones you've got," says my mom.

"But but but but but but but," says I.

:D :D :D

The last one is the A'erospatiale (Nord) MGM-32 Entac. This was a French anti-tank missile it was used by the U.S. Army as an interim Weapon before the BGM-71 TOW.
Originally posted by rocket trike
We are thinking about trying some sclae Model rocket kits. We are looking at 3 right now.

The 3 you chose are on the tough side for stability sake.

Have you considered maybe doing easily stable scale vehicles which haven't been done before like maybe the Sergeant, the Spartan, the Shrike, Falcon variants not done yet, the Talos, or even something as colorful as the Argo-D4 Javelin.

The scale data for all these is easily available already.

They'r all cool. The second two are great shapes, but seem to be mostly devoid of markings. If you could come up with what they had for data plates or whatever for decales I think they would be even more interesting kits.

The last two have some BIG fins ...... Is that putting too much weight in the aft end? ....... Anyone know how well the real ones fly?
I'd love to see one of those kitted! That's a pretty rocket! Maybe you could do it in BT-60 to BT-5 with a 24mm motor mount? That would be a nicely sized rocket!

POST 800!!!!! :cool: :cool:

This might not be a exact scale as the fins are to small I would need like 2.5 oz. I might have to make the fins a little bigger. I was looking at a 3 18mm cluster. It would be a BT60 to a BT 50 or BT20. I will be playing with this one a little more this weekend. I could do it with a 24mm mount.
Oh...clusters always work VERY well!

What a hard choice!!! :mad:

Hmm....I'll go with the cluster! Woohoo! :D :D :D