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Sinister Mr. S

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Feb 6, 2009
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I like to build lotsa rockets. Mostly to build, some to fly. I try to check out all the kits out there, and one of my favs is the Scale Kits. Big, heavy duty rokets that I think I could club someone with. Well, I pulled their sidewinder outta my stash, and was not disappointed with this one either. My question is for anyone thats built one of these guys. I'm nearing the end of my build, and I'm left with extra parts! Namely 4 dowels 1/8" dia. X 1" long Any ideas?? I can't seem to find any spots on the real sidewinders that have rods attached, and there is nothing in the directions for them either. Glue sticks or what? Thanks for any help.
I don't know that manufacturer, or the specific kit, but you said "four" and that makes me wonder--

Were they included in the kit to model the pivot spindles on the four forward fins?
That's what I was thinking, but since Scale Kits seems to be out of business and I can't find anything on the web about this kit, I wasn't sure.

I don't think they were meant for that...the canards are 2 1/4" long, standard sidewinder fins, triangular shaped and downswept, but I changed the fins to look similar to those of TLP's. SO!!! they could work for spindles, since the fins are shorter... thanks for the input guys, I'm gonna keep thinking too.... pics forthcoming....:)