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Jan 18, 2009
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Just recieved my order from Uncle Mike's Rocket Shack, containing two Scale Kits, a D Series Apex and a D Series Amraam. These're gonna be my first 24mm kits, and I'm gonna review 'em on here and EMRR.

Heres a pic of the two kits in their packages:


801 posts and I still can't post a picture properly!

Take 2....
They look the bees knees,can you let me know what the cost was including shipping:)
Yeah, me too. That AMRAAM looks like a fine kit :p I wonder if Deepsky will start selling these?
Considering the matter as we speak!!

I'll post here to let you know what we decide...but the kits do look nice!

All the best for now,

The Deepsky team


Apex-D 17.00
Amraam-d 16.50
Shipping 20.00
Total 53.50 USD

Sweet, Im suprised at the price! Such nice kits for such a low price :p

Now if Deepsky could get them ready for Christmas :p
Originally posted by WiK
Just recieved my order from Uncle Mike's Rocket Shack, containing two Scale Kits, a D Series Apex and a D Series Amraam. These're gonna be my first 24mm kits, and I'm gonna review 'em on here and EMRR.

Nice. Is Scale Kits handles it right, they could be the "new" The Launch Pad (as they seem to be descending).

Looking forward to the reviews. Need some more Scale Kits reviews.

Originally posted by deepsky support your local rocketry dealer?;) ;)

Andy @ Deepsky

Would you mean Paul?;)
Karl ? local I actually meant "in the UK", but I guess by default I would favour Paul!!
Have any of you guys dealt direct with Scale Kits at all?

I sent an email concerning our potential interest as a dealer last Sunday and haven't had a word back yet?

I seen the amramm before I would think it would be a good idea to glass the fins with some 2oz cloth
Well I've almost finished building the Apex, all the fins are on, the mmt in place and parachute built. The chute supplied with the kit is a rather shiny Mylar kit, with tape rings and cotton shroud line. This is my first experience with building one of these, it went pretty easily. The kit has 12 fins of different sizes, they take a while to get aligned and glued! You are given a couple of balsa sheets and some fin templates, and you cut the fins yourself. I had enough balsa for all the fins but one, which was a minor setback. I'm not sure if this was due to me not laying the template on down in the most space-saving way, or if there just wasn't enough balsa included in the kit. Maybe including a little diagram showing the best way to draw the fins on the balsa would be useful (I think Fliskits do this, I'm not sure though). Apart from that, thebuild is fairly straight foward. A tip I got from Cydermaster, was when the instructions tell you to sand the dowel into a point at one end, put it in a pencil sharpener, and sharpen to get the basic point shape, then sand it smooth (Use a metal one, Plastic =17p, Metal = 55p - not much in it, worth the extra! :D )

The actuall instructions are clear and full of 3d drawings, which look very good. A paint scheme is included to help you get your kit looking like the package art. A couple of problems I found was that the tube marking guide was printed on the back of the prep instructions sheet. Now I have a great big gap in there, and no prep instructions. Perhaps putting it on a seperate sheet would solve this. The instructions are all loose bits of A4, folded inside a card cover. When I opened the packet and saw these originally, I thought they were in a Semroc style booklet, but they were just loose. Stapling them together would probably make it look more professional, and stop any sheets going astray.

Thats all for now, heres a pic:

Full review will be on EMRR when I've finished and flown this bird!

Well I've had this kicking around since January, and a couple of weeks ago I finnaly bit the bullet and started filleting the fins (all 12 of em!). The big fins got 5min epoxy fillets whilst the other ones were given a good amount of white glue.
Painted it last week, a good coat of gloss white on the rocket, with black on the dowels on the rear fins. Then three vinyl strips went on beautifully. They were about 50% longer than required for the circumference of the body tube, so I cut them down to size, or else I would have messed them up horribly. Then a few layers of clear coat, and she's done! :D


Can't wait to see how this flies. Full review will be submitted to EMRR when it does. Construction rating 8/10.

The AMRAAM is about half done. It is practically identical to the Apex, apart from fin shape and quantity, and nose cone profile.