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Fred Wallace

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Aug 8, 2004
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I am looking for detailed scale drawing of the IQSY Tomahawk. I have the drawing from the A/T kit and Peter Alway's R.O.W book. While those drawings are good, they do not give enough payload detail, i.e., fastener detail for the strip antenna on the payload section. The drawing leads me to believe the antenna is flush composit mounted. I don't believe there is a full-up version of the ISQY on display, that I know of??

Try the NAR product site.

They have an ISQY Tomahawk packet for $5 or all their scale info on a CD for $29.95
If I remember correctly, Stine's book also has some scale stuff on the IQSY Tomahawk. I did a BT60 sized version and simulated the screw heads with an AWFUL lot of tiny pin heads. 108 or so!

A google on the net should reveal something, although perhaps not as detailed as what you're looking for.

Here's a tip that I want to try on my next attempt on it. Spanning the gap between the fins there appears to be some sort of collar arrangement. I originally did this with a trimmed piece of BT. Problem was, it was difficult to effectively get in there to do any sort of sanding without frizzing or fuzzing up the piece of cardboard. Next time I'll try a wrap of thin styrene plastic.

... Bill
Yes, the payload antenna is flush mounted. I have some detail on the CAD drawing I did for my 4" version. If you can read .DWG or .DXF files I could send the file to you.