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Feb 28, 2010
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Hello Everyone,

I'm sponsoring a sport scale build at our local club on the Estes Bull 12D. I'm trying to find any scale data for it. I found a thumbnail online that looks like Peter Always drawing but can't find the actual file. Can anyone help me with this?



Keith Frazier
Hmm...I don't seem to have the file on my flash drive, which means I probably haven't actually created a high-resolution GIF version. I think my full-sized meh-resolution image is probably available on one of those archive sites like Wayback, from when I had it on AOL and later Jim Ball's scale archive.

I'll see if I can locate and covert it this week.

Peter Alway
OK, it turns out that I never got to the Bullpup when I did my recent revisions and GIF conversions to what I thought were all of my drawings. So last night I dug up the original MacDraw file, tweaked it a bit, and converted it. Here is a 15 dpi jpeg version of it: The sole source is an article in an old newsletter (Apogee) from a Dayton, Ohio NAR section (MIVARS) that no longer exists.

Bullpup 02 preview.jpg
Below is all the Scale Data I've found on the Bull-Pup's. I based my micro scale Bull-Pup-B on these photos & my MMWW Drawing based on Peters early drawing & the Data collected from several photo sources.
Hope this additional data is of help. I have to say the Clamshell Boattail and fin Folded spin Tabs make a really good flying model.

BullPup-AGM-12a-d_Data&pic Pg_79.jpg

View attachment MM 276c_Bullpup AGM-12B 26.9149_02-10-04.pdf
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I recall that Fred Williams, whose Apogee article was my source, used one of the photos from the middle image for the color of the middle rocket of my three color scheme drawings. I think his dimensions came from measurements of the missile on display at the Air Force museum in Dayton.
Interesting. I wonder what predicated the removal of two steering fins on the Naval P-3 version?
For those interested we had our sport scale contest at our launch based off the data presented on this forum.

The models were built off the Estes Bullpup model.

Some of these were works of art.

BTW - All the models flew perfectly even with the upper fins placed much further up the nose cone.
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