=scale= Clone of Centuri/Estes 1/100th Saturn 1B

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Jan 17, 2009
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I have built a clone of the Centuri/Estes 1/100th Saturn 1B to go along with my 1/100th Centuri Saturn V. The build thread, including all my drawings, is on YORF.

Semroc has the tubes now, so maybe they are close to releasing a kit!

Semroc BT-19 is 0.70 OD (for the fuel tanks)
Semroc ST-11 is 1.17 OD (for the center tube)
Semroc ST-27 is 2.70 OD (for the aft fin ring -- I cut a 3.0 tube to resize it to 2.7)
Semroc BT-80 (for the S-IV)
Semroc BT-58 (for the SM)

Semroc also has the LES motor tube (ST-220 -- 0.26 OD)
and the balsa parts for the LES nose and bottom skirt (BC-2ET)

Can't wait to fly it!





couple more shots...

I have posted the SolidWorks CAD model in the Files section of the Scaleroc group...you have to join to access the area. I didn't finish putting all the details on the wraps after I made contact with Paul Graf and was able to obtain the wraps from him.




That is Art, Simply Art!

You scale guys have more patience than I ever will have! It is beautiful.

:blush: Thanks, I had lots of help finding parts from folks on the build thread, and advice from modelers who'd "been there, done that". That is one of the great things about these forums--sharing!
Great job! :clap: I've always loved the Saturn 1B. What did you use for the LES struts?
Heh, it took several attempts to get that!

I first tried .035 and .025 styrene, glued w/ Tenax, but they distorted in the areas where seveal pieces came together.

Someone suggested CF rod, so I tried that (.040 and .020), but wasn't really successful getting CA or epoxy to stick to the tiny pieces. Finally out of desperation, I tried Gorilla glue. That stuff really sticks! But it foams up, so I had to do cleanup w/ a Dremel. You can still see it in closeups, but the tower seems really stout.

I should have used more pins to hold the pieces during assembly, but I ran out. I might have pulled off the styrene tower. Some folks posted pics of their 1/100th towers on YORF and it looks like lots of pins helps, also going to a thicker, non-scale tower material helps.

George Gassaway has a really neat jig on his website to glue the LES tower and motor onto the CM -- you can see it here
(about 3/4 way down the page)

BTW here are my plans for the tower

View attachment CM_LES.PDF
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hmmm....I must be getting old. I stumbled across this thread searching for something else. I never posted a liftoff shot. The maiden flight took place Jan 28 2012. Beautiful flight, nice recovery (the tower survived!!)


I just ordered my Estes Saturn and I was thinking to get the Saturn 1B to go along with it. Seems like i was not the only one.